Friday, April 20, 2007


Sorry if it seems as though I'm harping on, but this is an odd one!

After class today, as instructed, I went to the International Office to sign some paperwork, fill out an evaluation, and pick up a 'care package'. After a gentle scolding for not replying to 'all those' (there were 2) e-mails, we got down to business.

As I made my way for the door, the secretary said; “Don't forget your bag of goodies there!”
Being nice, I replied “There's no fear of me forgetting this – I've been looking forward to it since I read your letter!”

She replied with “Yeah, we thought we'd give you that because we noticed you don't get any packages from home”.

I didn't give her any reaction, but continued to look at her, prompting her to essentially reiterate her previous statement.

“We always see our exchange students picking up care-packages, but we noticed that you've never gotten one.”

What the hell? How dare this woman insinuate that nobody loves me! I spared her my incredulity, of course, because I may have been reading between the lines, as she doesn't seem like a malicious sort, but if it was unintentional, it was quite a faux-pas.

The goodies they gave me were pretty decent, to be fair. I feel less special knowing that every exchange student got one, of course, but it doesn't detract from the goodness within the red, white and blue, RMU branded, 'Made in Mexico' bag.

Full list of what's here in the Comments, if you're interested (which I don't blame you for not being)

When filling out the evaluation, the last question was “How would you rate your Study Abroad experience?”. I gave it full marks; “Excellent”, because no amount of tactless, incompetent fools and the hassle they cause could detract from the rollicking good time I've had here at RMU... (rollicking? Have I ever even uttered that word aloud?)


Sully said...

If you're interested, here's what was in the bag!

1 Chex Mix Traditional
2 Bitesize Hersey's Krackel
1 Bitesize Hersey's Milk Chocolate
1 Bitesize Hersey's Special Dark Chocolate
3 Dubble Bubble Original Flavour
1 39g Packet of Austin Cheddar Cheese Crackers
1 Tootsie Roll
1 Bag of Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies
1 Welch's White Grape Peach flavoured Fruit Snacks
1 4C Tea to Go Raspberry flavour
1 49.3g packet of Peanut M&Ms
1 93.1g packet of ACT II Butter flavoured Popcorn
1 Hi-C Flashin' Fruit Punch drink
1 Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate flavoured hot drink
1 Quaker Low Fat S'mores flavoured Chewy Granola Bar
1 yellow scratchpad
1 packet of flash cards
1 Sharpie Accent branded yellow highlighter
1 pocket-sized-packet of 2-ply Kleenex tissues
1 Apine Spiced Cider Original Apple Flavor Drink Mix
1 of those bouncy ball thingies!

Oh, and 1 really really retarded, 'what-kind-of-a-fool-do-you-take-me-for' list of "10 tips to Survive Finals Week!"

Anonymous said...

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