Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cartridge World is stealing from me

Okay, maybe not - that is quite an allegation, but three out of three times that I've gone to Cartridge World and presented them with more than one ink cartridge for refilling, at least one of them is never seen again.

Today at work, the fax machine started whining that it needed ink, and while searching for a replacement in the office, I found another one that had been spent. emblazoned with a 'Refilled at Cartridge World' sticker. Seeing as this world of cartridges was just across the street, I thought paying them a visit made perfect sense.

Something about that place just isn't right. After entering, I'm presented with a foreboding door marked 'Private' to my left, and a glass door to the right leading into an empty room with a few cartridges and a cash-register. After strolling through into this vacant space, a bell dings, summoning a minion from the secret lab that lays beyond the secret door.

Scruffy-Beared-Minion takes my cartridges and tells me to come back in a half hour, and I am only too happy to comply. I return to the empty room at the prescribed time to collect my two cartridges, but this time I am greeted by Chunky-Blonde-Minion. She hands me one ink cartridge, and apologetically tells me that the other isn't printing 'finely enough', as an unusually well-cued flash of lightning illuminates the room. After asking for an explanation and essentially getting the same sentence, repackaged with extra sincerity, I find the conversation has hit a wall; calling only for a confused thanks and farewell.

I left without the other cartridge. The other cartridge that had previously been filled at Cartridge World...

I have three theories:

1. The woman was telling her truth, the cartridge was unfit for giving to a customer, and company policy cares enough about the environment so as to dispose of discarded cartridges in an eco-friendly manner.

2. The woman was lying! Her job at the company is to lie to and steal from customers, so they can sell the refilled cartridge to another sucker that costs the organisation mere cents! Think of the profits involved!

3. Cartridge World kept the cartridge. Last time they filled it, they placed a recording device and an x-Ray camera to spy on the company, and our secrets are being harvested from the high-tech device as I type. Soon, they will have compiled enough information on all of their customers to begin blackmailing and generally taking over the world in an evil fashion...

Which do you think is most likely?


Mega said...

It has to be number 3, even their ad on the radio made me feel uneasy, it reeks of pure evil.

Anonymous said...

Refill revolution my arse!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I work for CW and wanted to let you know that cartridges from time to time do not print well enough for CW to guarantee the product, but you can ask for your cartridge back, because after all it is your cartridge and it should be full of ink so it might still work in your printer. If they give you some problems saying you will have to pay for it because their ink is in the cartridge just ask them to take their ink out and then give you the cartridge.

Sully said...

Thank you, CW employee, for reading, and moreso for commenting.

Maybe Cartridge World isn't the manifestation of pure evil I thought it was if its employees are willing to defend it in such a polite and courteous manner.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I too being a cartridge world employee in Wisconsin have to comment. Certainly all stores are not run the "same" or have the same "curb" appeal but rest assured I am certain no one representing the cartridge world brand would ever intend to "steal" someones cartridge. There are print quality issues that happen all the time which is why you would not receive your cartridge back. It's poilcy to not sell someone their own cartridge back if it is not working properly. CW will not charge you for filling your cartridge if it does not work nor would they have a need to keep your cartridge if it is not working. I'd like to express here at our store we are responsible & being eco-friendly and conscience to do the right thing for the environment we recycle what does not work with other companies who can "harvest" the plastics. I can't speak certainly for all cw's but that is our policy here. We do what is right and what is best for the customer and always offer someone's cartridge back to them if it does not work either way. Of course I realize I can't speak for everyone and their policies and practices but CW is not out to take what does not belong to them. Thanks for listening and I hope you have a more positive experience. If it is not their policy to give your cartridges back if they do not work you certainly may ask for them back. They rightfully belong to you and you have the right to have them back - just as the previous comment stated who knows maybe they will work in your printer even if it didn't pass the test print in the store. The only reason I can gather that they would not give your cart. back is upon giving it back you could later return and claim you were charged and it does not work. In turn getting a "refund" when the customer was never charged to begin with? Trust me I've seen people try some interesting things. Anyways best of luck and again I assure you CW is a professional business as a whole so please don't let a bad experience turn you off to recycling!

Anonymous said...

Well i can tell you that its more on the first theory. I can tell you because i work for one of those franchise. To be honest if you ask for your cartridge with authority and without disrespect the person that its in the desk, i think they will not refuse to give your cartridge back.

I dont know if they haved explain to you the process of the cartridge refill without obviously entering into the private info of the company, they have that info register so things like the equipment and specific procces cannot be plublish... anyways...

first the cartridge have to pass an electric test, after that they will refill, if the cartridge when they make the final test (the printing test) doesnt print well, then they will make a cleaning process to the cartridge with an specific solutions for that, if after that the cartridge doesnt pass the test, then you will not make the cartridge function well no matter what you do. We can tell because we know all the parts and function inner the cartridge.

I would give you your cartridge back telling you that will not work properly, and it doesnt have guarantee, so you cannot come later to claim something with that cartridge that we already told that will not function. So ill give it to you so you can proved that what im telling its true.

With all the respect, a CW Tech.
**sorry for horrors in the gramatical, english isnt my first language**

Anonymous said...

... well, i didnt notice that some employee's already comment about the post... well theres anyway my explanation...

have a nice day!

Priyanka Sanjay said...

Hey Sully,
the article was very nice. I mean it was interesting. I was just think how people run their business by fooling customers.

But the place I give for refilling my cartridges are safe and of good quality. Even if the cartridge cannot be used as we give to them. They see whether it can be re-manufactured by them and ask us to take another cartridge from them till they repair or remake my own cartridge.

One more I like of them is if the cartridge they give us for use is spoiled our printer then they also do replace or repair our printer. So no worries in and from all direction.

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