Saturday, January 26, 2008

Not Getting Enough Sully in Your Diet?

Millions of people blog everyday. No big deal. But when it's someone within one of my few feeble social circles, (and it's been a slow blogging month), I deem it worthy of a blog entry!

My older brother has jumped on the blogging bandwagon. But unlike his younger brother, he's not a mere 'blogger'. He has embraced the term 'blogster', which has a much more startlingly aggressive connotation!

The mission statement for 'For When I Have Nothing Better to Do'? To be the largest independent online resource for softcore male-on-male pornography! Um... Or not. Maybe I should let him speak for himself at this stage.

Being very much into IT and currently studying it (final year), I have a few nice projects and some source code that other students might find useful.

The URL for what will surely someday be a great repository for recommended programs and esoteric whoosy-whatsits is

I can't think about the URL of this blog without hearing that incessant (British Accented, oddly enough) voice in my head saying 'Diarmuidos'. So being the nerd that I am...

Let the record show that this took far more effort and time than it ought to have!

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Diarmuid said...

thanks Sean, I laughed my ass off when I saw the cereal box!!!