Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Bodily Effluvia"

I’ve had a slight illness these past few days that has flared up into a veritable plague, sapping my energy levels and causing my nose to leak a considerable amount of goop. In preparing for the last exam of my undergraduate existence, I spent two unproductive hours at the packed library today, quietly leaking bodily effluvia into a bundle of tissues in as subtle a fashion I could manage. The concern for my fellow-students wasn’t shared by the smoochy couple in the seats next to me, who only took a half hour or so to repulse me away from my favoured spot on the first floor. It’s frustratingly distracting trying to study when there’s a guy next to you who constantly disappears from your peripheral vision to the sound of lip-smacking. I wish cancer upon his libido.

In other news, my weakened state has caused me to fall off the wagon with regard to my Coke embargo, as I’ve quaffed about a pint or so of the stuff in the past few hours as I vainly attempt to get my energy levels up to a useful level. So far I’ve had little success, but the sudden influx of sugar is making my teeth hurt, which is bound to perk me up somewhat!

As much as I loathe the recent practice of my overly nostalgic friends who have framed every social interaction for the past three months as “one of the last times we do” something, only to recalibrate the sentiment for the next “last time” mere days later, I have to admit that I am quite thrilled with the thought that this could be the last time I sit an exam at the University of Limerick. Of course, after this milestone of epic proportions, I’ll be recalibrating for Friday, when I’ll be handing in my last project at the University of Limerick!

It’s the bits that come after that point which scare the living shit out of me.

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