Thursday, June 26, 2008

Scraping the blogging-barrel

Shame on you, Electronic Arts/MTV Games for: screwing European gamers over. Whereas the yanks got it in November, the music-rhythm game Rock Band didn’t release in Europe until six months later, and cost more than double what those privileged States-dwellers paid. Regardless, I shelled out for the game and a drum-peripheral, but when I set it up I noticed something upsetting about the drumsticks:

They clearly say “ROOK BAND”! I’ve played the game in the States, (which convinced me to buy it), and whereas the drumsticks feature a similar design, the C in “Rock” is clearly rendered (proof is but a click away). It’s more likely that the print on the European sticks is just of a poorer quality, and the C has smeared into looking like an O, but at this rate, it’s like spitting on the European fans after you've kicked them while they're down.

Shame on you, Tesco for: crimes against basic literacy.

“DVD’s” – seriously? Tesco, made £2,550,000,000 profit last year, and yet they can’t afford to hire a person who understands basic apostrophe placement to write their signs? This should be a cause of embarrassment to the entire company... I blame the media. This picture was taken in the Tesco in Arthur’s Quay, Limerick, and the signs in Roxboro’s Tesco had the same moronic error.

Shame on you, Harvey Norman for: knowing how to do something right, but being too cheap to do it!
At least Tesco are consistent. Exhibit A: The Harvey Norman slogan, hanging outside their Unit at City East Business Park, Limerick, which reads “We Won’t be Beaten on Price, Range or Service” Exhibit B: A banner hanging inside, with the same boastful mantra, sans apostrophe. If you seek apostrophes inside the store, you will be left wonting. Har-Har...

Moving swiftly onwards, shame on you, Limerick’s Christ Church, for: crimes against making sense. Far be it for me to be the kind of chap to criticise a religious institution, but look at this picture:

Now chew on it for a bit... “better than broadband – immediate access to God”... I’m sorry... what? This is simply so wrong on so many ways – are they insinuating that people are trying to find God online? And what the hell is the celestial hand holding? An improvised explosive device? And why do the arms seem to belong to Mr Fantastic? I’m not one to use expletives unless the situation calls for it. But that shit is fucking nuts. I will never understand the non-logic that the theistic mind revels in, and I’m sure that at least one person walked past the sign today and thought that it was very clever. I’d have no qualms if the ad read “Cheaper than broadband – waste time by talking to yourself”, but that’s just me.

While I’m in a wrist-slapping mood, I may as well address the dearth of updates around the blog. It’s not that I’ve been busy, but quite the opposite (as the last 450 words will attest, I’ve not been up to very much lately!) Watch this space though, as I hastily try to make my commitment of posting 5 entries a month by pooping out ill-conceived drivel!


Sean Heelan said...

"And what the hell is the celestial hand holding?" - You silly man! It's quite obviously a lemon sorbet delicately balanced on top of a RJ45 connection! The ways of our Lord are mysterious, pity the fool who questions his sorbet!

Sully said...

The best part of this post - if not this entire weblog - is the above comment!