Monday, December 15, 2008

Heil Herr Finlay!

Here's a disturbing one for you, kids.

It seems that Fin, He of fame, is using His totalitarian rule of Fin Blog to quash any dissenting views, brutally silencing any comments that aimed only to inform and educate, without a word of acknowledgement.

Dear readers, know that Finlay's seeming infallibility is merely the result of having the power to annul the words of dissenters from the very annals of history! Just last week, my illuminating remarks spent a period of three days in purgatory, before being cast to the deep dank dungeon of cyberspace, never to surface again.

I hope that Finlay will see the light, and instead of continuing to use subterfuge in fixing grammatical faux-pas and any commentary of their past existence, he embraces a more laissez-faire style of blog comment.

Dear reader, I am counting on you to show Finlay how much fun an unfettered comments section can be. That is why I sincerely ask that you take a moment to leave a comment, and say the most reprehensible thing about me (and my blog, if you can manage) that comes to mind.

I'm counting on you.

We're counting on you.


Anonymous said...

You sir, are a snivelling cunt face twat arse with a penis the size of a blue tit's nipples!

Good start?

Anonymous said...

You are nothing but the putrid syphilitic afterbirth of a chinese back alley gang fuck

Fin said...

Don't be so anal in comments on other people's blogs =p

SeanH said...

As anal as requiring both registration and comment approval before they pass to the enlightened plains of Blog-dom beyond? :P

Ayodele said...

Sully i'll get rite to the point. SHUT DA FUCK UP......BITCH :D

Anonymous said...

The pathetic appendage that you charitably refer to as your genitalia is remarkable only for the number of women it has turned to lesbianism, and lesbians it has turned to bestiality.

Anonymous said...

u. love. men.

SeanH said...

Now...let's play a game of guess the Anonymous people. My entries would be:

Afterbirth - Nancy, always likes a bit of rape in an insult

Lesbian beastiality - Mitch...need I say more...A man of exquisite taste

Man loving - Hrm, that's a toughie...Finlay?

Anonymous said...

You sir, are a puke-drooling, fecal-smeared mongoloid, a dribbling putrescent caricature of
a mutant penis-smeared vagina, avoided by lepers, looked down upon by monkeys, sired by pus-leaking, cum-quaffing, suppurating beasts from the pits of the underworld. Or a chinese back alley gang fuck. Generally, not good.

Finlay said...

My name is Finlay and I am very anal. I do however like it in all cavities. UNREAL! EPIC WIN!

Sully said...

Best comment ever?

Fin said...

"Like"? EPIC FAIL!! "Love"! PURE WIN!!