Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here, go kill 15 minutes

Holly has put up a post about the forthcoming Lenten period, during which time she has decided to abstain from alcohol - the account of the general reaction from her friends so far makes for a compelling read, as does her shared motivations for laying off the hooch for a while.

7. You're giving up 2 of the best things in life?
8. HA! yeah right...
9. Shit, so are you just gonna go to movies and stuff now?
10. Your religion is getting in the way of our friendship.
I'm quite surprised by the seeming social stigma attached to a Chicago-dweller's decision to test her self-restraint, mostly because it takes a steaming dump on my utopian notions of the States as a safe haven for teetotallers (after all, they elected our official spokesman!).

Wish her luck, anyhow - not that she'll need it - I'm sure she can manage 40 days without alcohol (I'm on day 8,318, boasting this fact doesn't help the social stigma).

In other news, I just posted a review of the documentary Religulous on that other blog that I don't write to often enough. Go hang out, leave some comments, and feel free to ruffle the feathers of my co-bloggers - they appreciate it immensely.

Okay - that should be enough reading for today - now for the obligatory video dump:

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