Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thanks a bunch, Bloodhound Gang

I feel as though the air-hostess on my most recent transatlantic flight judged me when she looked down at the iPod touch
on my tray table and saw the screen:

A few days later, when listening to music, my girlfriend spotted the same picture, and not realizing that it was the 'Now Playing' screen, assumed I had changed my background from the super-cute picture of us to 400lbs plus of man flesh shoved into a cardboard box. I decided it was more fun to let her believe this.


Grayson said...

Did the air hostess charge you a hefty fine?

Jason said...

That's the album cover, right? sells.

strange-young-man said...

You know it!
If I'm not mistaken it contains the single 'Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo', the only single released over this side of the water, the music video for which features Bam Margera driving a phallus shaped car through various tunnels.