Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Only In America"

I have a habit of taking pictures of peculiar things that I happen across in my everyday life. Sometimes they get used on the blog, sometimes they sit on the computer for months until I decide to do a photo-dump.

What I'm posting now are some oddities encountered whilst on (United States of) American soil, in no particular order at all.

Commencing dump...

Sign reads "Experience Church Online!" Man - that exclamation point almost caught me out. 
Gum Tree at Grand Canyon. Someone put their gum on it, then dozens followed suit. Gross. But kinda neat.
Bear-proof bins at the Grand Canyon

View from Hoover Dam

Tortilla Flat, AZ
Prophylactic dispenser at a rest-stop somewhere on the I40, Arizona. Somebody put effort into these product names.

Poop we can believe in. Sticker in a toilet cubicle at Newark Airport.

I met Mike. I didn't point out the missing apostrophes.


More roadside Jesusing in Las Vegas. A minute down the road is a billboard for the 'Adult MEGA Outlet'

Touristy area in Arizona also houses a 'Center for the NEW AGE'. We didn't stop in, despite their generous sale offerings.

Buses advertising the Penn & Teller show at the Rio, Las Vegas

A 'Pit-Potty'. Looks like a toilet. But there's no running water here. Your excrement falls a few feet into a pit filled with the excrement of lots of other people. My phone was brand new during this holiday, so the thought of going closer to this thing filled me with dread.

Candles depicting Bible scenes available at a down-market grocery store in Wisconsin

If you're driving a truck down this hill and can't stop, this 'Runaway Truck Ramp' is just what you need! Turn off the road and into a big mound of truck-stopping sand.

Testament to the fact that George Lucas will whore his franchise out to anyone if the price is right - Star-Wars themed gambling devices at Las Vegas.

"TRY ONE. The Gun Store" Sure it'd be rude not to.


Gammagoblin said...

Entertaining piccys!

Sully said...

Thanks, Gammagoblin - when I saw the notification that you had left a comment, I had assumed you'd be lambasting me for boring you with my holiday snaps!