Monday, January 29, 2007

Belgium Week: Dermot's Limerick

After e-mailing Dermot asking him to contribute to this 'special' feature week, he replied with what I think is a hilarious Limerick that sums up our initial experiences nicely. I was going to post it later in the week, but since it sets the tone of us laughing at ourselves, it makes more sense to put it up here first!

The only thing you should know before reading this is that our co-op was organised by 'Searson'; a woman who is not on my Christmas card list.

Take it away, Dermo!

What do you guys think? I'm going to leave my comments in the comments section, hope to see you there!


Sully said...

I honestly screamed with laughter the first time I read this, and it still makes me smile, despite my staring at it on the screen for 10 minutes while I superimposed Dermot and his masterpiece onto a Belgian flag.

Is it a tad esoteric? Does anyone else get the same kick out of it as I do?

caitllin k. said...

it is slightly esoteric. however, i must say i am intrigued to learn about this infamous belgium experience more than ever.

you know seán, you should ask your dear friend dermot to help you with your poetry class. it seems as if he would be more than capable to come up with a haiku or 2.

Sully said...

Haha - maybe I will! I should post my 'haiku' up here one of these days, but not until this feature week is over... I missed today's update though, and I'm dreadfully sorry about that, but Wednesday's one is going to be good, trust me!

Mega said...

Brilliant, what more can I say