Sunday, February 25, 2007

"Bored Stiff"

I'm writing a pretty terrible opinion-piece article for the RMU newspaper at the moment, a generic 'exchange-student-compares-home-school-with-exchange-school' type thing, and honestly, I was bored stiff writing it, so I'm curious as to how it reads to someone unaware of these differences.

The worst part of this endeavour was when I had the first draft finished, and I switched my Microsoft Word over to American English so I could spell-check and make everyting consistent with the bastardised English in the rest of the paper.

Here's the thing; I agree with some instances of those damn dirty yanks replacing 's' with 'z' (even if they call it 'zee' and not 'zed') and whatnot, but seriously - to spell 'travelling' as 'traveling' is just plain wrong.

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