Monday, February 19, 2007

Open to Interpretation?

Sorry that Part 2 of the Chicago trip blog isn't here yet, but I've been distracted with what I'll discuss later!

I went to my creative writing class this morning, the one that's focusing on poetry far longer than it ought to be, and I got back one of the first poems I had to write at the start of the semester. I wish I had a scanner, as I'd just slap it up here and let it speak for itself, but now I guess I have to go to the hassle of replicating it through text... After being shackled to the formula of writing a haiku, I got a little nutty, and decided to voice my disdain by writing a crap, crass, juevenile poem. The 'poem' and subsequent feedback were as follows;

Poets love winter scenes,
The snow, wind, and icy lakes...
I prefer boobies

Next to the poem, he wrote "Entertaining - nice abrupt change of tone".

Just thought I'd share.


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caitlin k. said...

haha, loved it...i have to agree with john lawson in that it was a "nice abrupt change of tone"