Thursday, November 01, 2007

Saints and Shitters

Here’s another strange one for you, if you’re interested. Remember those Google-ads I told you about earlier? The ones in which filthy Christians were paying big bucks to Google to publicise their shockingly poor websites pushing their monotheistic agenda?

Well, there’s a more ‘grassroots’ approach that you’ll find in public bathroom cubicles up and down the country, and I’m incredibly curious as to where they come from. Here’s an example I found in a restaurant called ‘Mother Hubbard’s’ in Oranmore, facing the user as he sits upon the throne.

“The Bible is the Word of God - A Priest”

I’m sure you’ve seen these before, such is their diffusion throughout the country (I’ve yet to conduct a survey of bathrooms abroad, but I’ll bear it in mind during my next trip Stateside), but how is this getting around so much? Are the priests of Ireland issued with a permanent marker upon graduation from their seminary? Do they believe that man is at his most philosophical whilst exercising his sphincter? Does the thick olfactory fog of human fecal matter act as a catalyst for profound metaphysical thought?

I may be missing the point somewhat - it’s possible that such messages are the richly ironic fruit of graffiti-happy pranksters, and I have unwittingly exposed my ignorance on such matters.

Not sure if you’ll believe this part, so bear with me; I was in a Subway restaurant on O’Connell St., Limerick just yesterday, and I found the following in their bathroom.

I was just about to make a joke about ‘having the lab analyse the hand-writing samples against each other’, when I actually had a second look.

Come on now! You can’t tell me that these two look incredibly similar - ridiculously so, even! Look at the penmanship! Look at the way the sentence is formatted! I will be so bold as to say that these were definitely done by the same person.

I will admit that is is a staggering coincidence that I happened across two of these in the space of as many days, but I guarantee you that I am not responsible for either of them, in case you’re worried I’m planning some elaborate April Fool’s joke or something.

I want to hear you opinion on this in the comments section. (First person to say ‘God put them there’ gets a clout on the ear)


Steph said...

From now on I'm going to be looking out for that message on the walls of bathrooms!

Sully said...

If you see this message, take a picture! Everybody has a camera on their phone nowadays, so you've no excuse for telling me that you've seen this without providing photographic evidence!

Eoghan said...

"Filthy Christians"...*sigh*

Anonymous said...

dear sir why is it you hate religion so much?can't you just leave those who have a belief going for them be?were you touched by a priest when you were younger?

gimpus maximus

Heelan said...

You know... I think if the Bible were in fact the Word (singular) of God then I'd take less issue with this whole religion lark. You see, its not the unfounded faith in a fictional super hero that I find irritable, its all the reading you have to do to get to the good parts.

And there are no pictures! Whats that about? Are you telling me our omnipotent super savior couldn't have hired a graphics artist? Its just laziness if you ask me. So what does he do instead? 'Oh shit, no time to illustrate this thing... erm... um.. uh... yea, if you don't read it ETERNAL DAMNATION FOR YOU!... phew, good save'

Anonymous said...

Gimpy gimpy gimpus maximus,gimp gimp gimp gimp gimping along goes Sean O'Sullivan,he is King Gimp of all of Gimpland,la la la la la hurrah for Gimps,
For they will one day rule the world,
Hurrah hurrah!


Gimpus Maximus

Anonymous said...

Now that I realise you have been defeated I can continue. Atheism is a perfectly fine way of life if it makes you happy. But why go on and on and on about religion in that case. Fair enough it comes in both extreme forms and mild but isn't it nice to see someone happy with their life and beliefs. Congratulations to them is what I say. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone, even you Mr. Pessimistic, could find a faith that makes them feel this way.

Gimpus Maximus

p.s. isn't this guy Eoghan's blog way cooler than sully's!?

Diarmuid said...

Have you read the bible, technically we cant even go to the bathroom, oh the irony of it all! :)

Anonymous said...

What a load of hogwash

Sully said...

Pray tell: what is a load of hogwash? Your comment doesn't seem focused on anything in particular.

As for everyone else, what the hell? The focus of this post should be the astounding coincidence that I happened across, not the religious under/overtones!

Anonymous said...