Friday, November 16, 2007

Seán O'Sullivan - Mankind's Muse?

Welcome, all ye who have converged on my humble website, to pluck from my bountiful tree of whimsy!

Friends, this is a proud day for me, as I am officially announcing the latest addition to my repertoire. No longer can I just be considered "Seán O'Sullivan, blogger". I can now consider myself officially, a blogee.

That's right - somebody else decided to write about me. And not quite in as flattering a fashion as last time, mind. It seems that my friend Eoghan has taken offence to my recent post that featured the phrase "filthy Christians". Lay it on me, Eoghan.

I don't consider myself to be a christian,I don't consider myself to be any religion but I Do deem myself to be spiritual.I believe in a higher power,a life after life and even I was offended by this phrase.It's SO disrespectful to people of ANY religion.

Caps for emphasis? That's passion.

Furthermore, Eoghan finds some of my insights "to be somewhat...pushy...or offensive"... Can't really argue with that, now can I?

He considers his post to be a rebuttal to mine, but I wasn't debating anything! Referring specifically to the people that run websites like the one I was talking about as filthy Christians shouldn't upset too many people, particularly someone who doesn't identify with extremist, misogynistic scare-mongerers with homophobic inclinations.

My post served to document an incredible, graffiti-related coincidence. The fact that it was Religious graffiti just made it all the more ripe for ridicule! As a person who often is treated to sermons on what my world views are in person, Eoghan surely relished the chance to refute my warblings, even if he was taking my words out of the context of my blog, and into the context of me as a pushy bastard in general.

Don't let his pointless first post scare you away from his blog though. He's shown himself to be more prolific than I (three entries in the time it took me to get one up here.) He's got a better blog title. He's willing to write in a 'dear diary' fashion, laying bare the entertaining introspective neuroses that you won't catch a whiff of on this site. And let's not forget of course, that he crams in more puns than the entire cast of Monty Python at a week long Lame Joke seminar!

I still maintain my punctuation is better.


Anonymous said...

Worst Blog entry EVER!

strange-young-man said...

*slow applause*well played.And I happen to like my bad puns/clichés,But I digress from the point.The point was more to illustrate that by using the term "filthy Christians" you turned what I assume started out as a well-intentioned entertaining post about co-incidental grafiti into an assault on people who wear are not ashamed to believe in something.As a friend of mine once said "You can believe in rocks as long as you don't throw them at me".Which I feel is a good way to live.Also Seán,why didn't you quote me as sasting that I'm proud to be your amigo?

Sully said...

Eoghan, surely you can't object to me not quoting something when I editorially fellated your blog!

I don't consider the post to be an 'assault' on anybody, bar maybe the postulated purveyors of the graffiti.

I'm not that subtle, Eoghan. Had I intended an assault, it would unquestionably be an assault!

Sully said...

And I'm inclined to agree with 'Anonymous' - blog posts are far more entertaining when people are throwing rocks, not talking about other things that are entertaining!

strange-young-man said...

Stirring up controversy for the sake of controversy?Seems like a tactic "The Star" or "The Sun" would use.
Blog Links for emphasis?Thats passion.

Anonymous said...

Oooh the Star! Well now it's hard to do better than that Sullivan because one day that is where you will be featured upon being the worlds first gimp ruler! Furthermore why havn't you responded to my previous comments?

Gimpus Maximus aka Glove!

Yes it is I