Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Homoeroticism for Beginners

Chances are if you're a regular reader of this blog, you've already seen this video, but oddly enough; I've yet to feature it here.

This is a video I made two years ago(!) and I made it because I had a few hours to spare, and a new video-editing program to try out. After about two hours (which is very little time for what it normally takes), I had something different from my usual output that I was quite fond of. I slapped it online before giving it any polish (kudos to whoever points out the picture I used twice), or thought up a suitable title before the montage starts. Regardless, it's one of my favourites.

Please to enjoy:

It was the first video I uploaded on YouTube, and is the third most popular (beaten by this crappy video taken at a football game, and the video I made at the Taking Back Sunday concert - both of which piggyback on the name of what I documented). I attribute its popularity (1,160 since 24/07/06 at the time of writing) to the fact that it has the word 'gay' in the title - the thumbnail (generated automatically by whatever frame lays in the middle of the video) happened to land on a decidedly un-straight picture of me with a flower in my hair, and the song the video is set to is quite excellent!

My favourite part about this video once it hit the internet? The comments!

Of course - I clicked into this guy's profile to find more information:
A person with a poor grasp English and an interest in meeting people featured in a video riddled with homoerotic poses who is from the Philippines and uses a parrot as his avatar has seen one of my videos? That's why I love the internet!

Let me know what you think in the comments. Compliments homosexual in nature welcomed (as are admonishments).


Sully said...

I cheated with this post - I stuck it online at 2.30am on the 1st of May, but tinkered with the time setting so it would belong to April - technically, since it's still April in the States, it's not cheating!

Apologies to anyone who sees this as old hat, but hopefully the new 'insights' made this worthwhile! Besides, you can never watch a Sully Production enough to actually get sick of it!

strange-young-man said...

Actually,Thats a COCK-atoo.Not a parrot.

Sully said...

You like the cockatoo.