Sunday, July 06, 2008

C'mon readers, time to give something back...

So now that I've finished with college, society informs me that the next step expected of me is to enter the workplace. Since I've decided I quite like this writing lark, I'll be pursuing it as a means of putting food in my belly and gimmicky electrical devices in my house.

The only problem with trying to get hired as a writer is that people expect me to provide them with examples of how I write. Since the amount of stuff I've bothered to get published is minuscule (and I didn't keep copies of most of it), I'm going to try and use my blog as an example of what I'm about. The only problem with this is that sending a potential employer to my blog would lead to pointless posts like this!

Here's the solution: over the next few days I'll be going through the past entries of the blog, tagging the best of them with a label like "hireme". Would-be employers come to my blog via and voila! No pointless posts to endure!

Anyhow - I'll be requiring suggestions and advice via the comments - every entry that I tag or am thinking of tagging will be linked from there. So get to it! What posts make me look good?


Sully said...

I sent the editor of the local paper an e-mail, and I linked to

He responded favourably - apparently I have "plenty of attitude" - which is nice - but I'm not so sure if all would-be employers would find these entries as enlightening. Anyone agree or disagree?

Jason said...

Pretty daycent! Just don't send it into a catholic paper - or a paper with any posh-speaking religious fuckwits who like chick flicks.