Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Saints and Shitters III: Triple Trouble

If you're not familiar with the Saints and Shitters series, you should check out Part 1 and Part 2 before continuing.

It's hard to believe, but five months have passed since the last documented sighting of a rather specific type of of vandalism.

"The Bible is the word of God - A Priest". So far this message has been found scrawled in permanent marker inside of mensrooms in Limerick, Clare and Galway.

Today, I present the latest confirmed victim of this evangelical-epidemic; the Limerick City Library's male toilets. After receiving a tip from (one-time Sully's Blog contributor) Dermot, I called over to the library and jumped into the cubicle closest to the door. The dim light made for a crappy camera-phone picture, but serves to illustrate what was there. Just underneath the coat hanger was some misguided bastard's slogan; a specimen that matched the graphology of the previous ones exactly:

I moved onto the next cubicle, to see yet again, the meaningless collection of words underneath the coat hanger:

In the third and final cubicle, I found the most intriguing example of the toilet-dwelling priest's handiwork:

Note that "Priest" has been crossed off twice, and replaced with "pervert" and "liar". Obviously this means, that like most criminals, the author of this endeavour has returned to the crime scene - at least three times! His cubicle-debating skills are astonishing - note how he has cleverly drawn a line underneath his signature, effectively separating himself from the name-calling underneath... Well played sir.

Despite being crossed out twice and replaced with a slur against his character, this man has returned each time to insist that he is - in fact, a priest. That's one pathetic persistent vandalising clergyman!

Dear reader, do your part to report these happenings! Next year I will be launching the Committee for Secular Cubicles to tackle this issue with the fervour it deserves... Until then - let me know of any crapper-based religious shenanigans via the comments!


UberApe said...

Maybe the perpetrator is reading this blog right now?

Sully said...

Damnit Jason, why do you have to say things like that and make it seem like you're the one scrawling this around the country?

If I wasn't familiar with your handwriting, and your minuscule attention-span, you'd be a suspect.

Vinnie Rafter said...

I'm after seeing this written in a bus shelter just outside the Shannon Industrial Estate, I'll try and get a picture to confirm

Sully said...


Fantastic! I'll put up a new post with it - I've had another pic sitting on my HDD for months now, waiting to go up with the next batch!

I think it's time for a Google Map of these... If this guy is really good, perhaps the map will spell out the famous phrase!