Sunday, June 14, 2009

More idle blather

Sweet mother of mother-freaking Christ - has it been 9 days already?

My last glance at a calendar revealed that I've been working 28 days solid (although with two half days in a row I really ought to consider it 21 straight days), so I'm a bit busier than I'm used to being, so forgive yet another post in which I tread water.

This is what the soundtrack to my life has been lately:

I'm On A Boat - The Lonely Island.

Loud, dumb fun. Gets me fired up for a long day at the office.

The (Shipped) Gold Standard - Fall Out Boy

Yep, I'll admit to listening to teeny-bop stuff, but what's wrong with singing along to an infectious pop song on the way home from work? It's the first step in switching off for the night.

Hell0 - Eminem

I allowed myself to get hyped up for Relapse, and after initial disappointment, I've found a few regular tracks, and I tend to skip to this one when I feel like mellowing out.

I'm aware that there's no real 'point' to any of this, so consider it another "I'm not dead yet" post to keep you going until I find a reason to get back up on a high horse and warble about something that nobody else could possibly rise their anger over.

1 comment:

Grayson said...

Your ridiculous taste in music never ceases to amaze...Only joshin',But I dunno about the fallout boy song...dodgy.