Friday, August 28, 2009

"Everyone's opinion is equally valid - my arse!"

As long as I've had access to the internet, it's been my primary source of news and entertainment - this has been especially true over the past five years, since I've had regular broadband access.

As most big sites on the world wide web tend to have a US-bias, (and Ireland has been dragging its heels with regards to the internet until the last two years or so) it means that I've little concept of Irish TV shows, and even less knowledge of Irish celebrities, so despite the innumerable occasions my friends recommended I watch 'The Panel', I seldom did as I'd rarely be in front of the TV.

I'd like to take this opportunity to openly lament my folly in wasting every opportunity I had to watch The Panel, but never did, and that reason is Dara O'Brian. While I've always been aware of the man, I had little idea of what he was about until he impressed me with his wit during a radio interview some months back.

I finally got around to YouTubing his material a few days ago, and realised that an intelligent, sceptical mind was appearing weekly on one of Ireland's most popular current affairs/comedy shows, and I ignored it entirely.

Watch him riff on religious irrationality:

Watch him jeer at two of my favourite pet peeves: homeopathy & nutritionists:

So will I start paying attention to Irish celebrities now? Probably not - like anyone with any talent from Ireland, Dara has buggered off to some other country to earn himself a real living (see also: Bob Geldoff, Colin Farrell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, U2), thus elevating him to the status of 'A British Celebrity from Ireland'. The lucky git.


Sully said...

Before anyone else points it out - yes this is essentially a lazy YouTube video dump, yet another instance of me presenting a 'this guy is cool because he mocks religion' sentiment, and yet another example of my anti-nationalism.

Yes, I'm embarrassed of my blog. said...

And I thought I spoke quickly.

Jason said...

He's pretty good, I watched both clips.
Bit off topic:
There's pretty convincing evidence out now that religious conviction is biological or hardwired, contrary to what Dawkins said about it being mostly a product of indoctrination and poor education (they, instead, latch on to a powerful psychological source).
Religion is a manifestation of false intuitions about how the world works, a cognitive path of least resistance.
And "Spirituality" is nothing more than electrical activity in certain parts of the brain.
The problem is, it makes overcoming the delusions very difficult.