Tuesday, September 08, 2009

'Lazy premise'

I've learnt over the past three months or so that long hours at a job that claims most of your energy isn't exactly conducive to an active writing mentality, and I'm beginning to miss having the cognitive resources to piece together blog entries in my subconscious.

One of the most dramatic occurrences of this phenomenon was briefly catalogued in this blog post, when I got hit with something akin to divine inspiration, which featured the two greatest ripostes I'll ever attach my name to. But enough about how great I was! Let's snap back to the present day, and the drivel that I've been serving up to my ever-dwindling reader-base, both on this blog, and the pages of [crude] magazine.

Back in June, [crude] magazine (a magazine that always seems to set the contributing deadline on or around the day that I go visit my ladyfriend) ran an article I knocked together (and subsequently posted here) that drew rather lazy parallels between the seemingly increasing-number of heroin junkies on Limerick streets and the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Hoo-hoooh! Sounds hilarious, no? Well, I dragged 600+ words out of that one lazy premise!

The article could have done with a bit more attention to smooth out the rough edges, but what it really needed was a proper headline to tie it together - something that set the tone properly with a wink and a nudge so there was no ambiguity about what's going on. In the end, the title was total arse.

As I got into my car the other night after the first quiet day at work in weeks, something popped into my head. It was like the title of a film, but not quite. I flipped it over in my head a few times, puzzled. Why had this come into my mind? And then it clicked into focus.

My subconscious had finally gotten off its ass and finished the article, over two months after it had been published.

I should have called it "Dawn of the Deadbeats".

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Jason said...

It must be quite a helpless feeling. At least you can blog about it.