Thursday, September 03, 2009

The problem with democracy

Watching this video of a 'protest' outside a Town Hall meeting in California makes me feel awfully sorry for Barack Obama, if not for the United States as a whole.

Reflecting on the collection of public, histrionic outbursts that this filmmaker has put online, it's easy to lose track of the fact that there are legitimate points to be made against Obama's proposed reform, but the sheer volume of people who have been convinced that some great evil is about to befall their nation is a mite worrying.

Much like the Irish reaction to the Lisbon Treaty, there's a great deal of false information bullshit motivating these people's vociferous denunciation of healthcare reform - many of it propagated by Fox News and the right-wing media (and indeed, some of those interviewed invoke Sean Hannity, Glen Beck & Michael Savage - the latter of whom gained notoriety for being banned from entering the United Kingdom in May this year for fostering extremism).

Some curious bits from the video:

  • The quote: "God will take care of healthcare - God will take care… - The Children of Israel walked in the desert for 40 years and their sandals were not even worn out"
  • The multiple 'trust Jesus' signs
  • General conspiracy theory nuttery:
"They're claiming that abortion is not in the bill… But it is"
"This is a just a smokescreen"
  • The dude holding up the book at 1.27 calls the book in his hands "The USS Constitution"
  • "[Obama's] church was based on racism"

And the scorecard:

Hitler references: 5
Socialism references: 5 (often used in the same sentence as Hitler, oddly enough)
Communism references: 3
Fascism references: 1
Outbursts of "Theeey toook awwrrr jawbz!": Sadly, 0


Gamma Goblin said...

My favorite quote in all that: "He's a radical Communist, and he's a basic Muslim, and healthcare...this is just a stepping stone for Com.. for take over like Communism, like Hitler did in Germany".

Hitler didn't set up concentration camps, obviously they were socialist health-care centers. It was bad health care that killed the Jews lol. Filthy Commy-Nazis!

Yes, I'm embarrassed of my blog. said...

I'm not even going to watch it BECAUSE it doesn't have "Theeey toook awr jaaabs."