Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Ich bin der verdammte Ubersully!

Here's a true story. I had an annoying girlfriend once. She nagged me to sign up for MSN so I could join a group chat with her annoying friends, so to annoy her back, I signed up with the handle "ubersully". Chagrin abounded. Words were had. Unhealthy relationship limped on with the same dynamic of lazy abuse and general lack of mutual respect for far longer than it ought to have.

Anyhow - six (Really? Only six?) years later, I've embraced the Ubersully.

Playstation Network, Xbox Live, Twitter, random dodgy forums around the internet - I am ubersully. I own ubersully. The only time that a website has refused me signing up as ubersully is when I've already signed up to that website as ubersully.

See that? It's all me.

Sadly friends, my six-year hot-streak came to an end today. Whilst signing up for my second YouTube account (gluttonous bastard!), I entered ubersully, and believing it to be a mere formality, hit 'Check Availability'.

Hmmm... That's weird, I don't remember signing up to YouTube as 'ubersully' - let's investigate that profile...

You damn dirty Mexians! Is nothing sacred?

In times like this, I turn to my dear readers, and even dearer commenters for solace - I ask you fine people: do you have a 'go-to' moniker online that you feel attached to? Or are you going to lecture me on changing up my online handles so employers / stalkers / Big Brother can't see what fetish category I gravitate towards online?


Yes, I'm embarrassed of my blog. said...

I usually have a different username for each individual site. However, growing up, I did have a go-to and it was always WensdayRBF. Oh, the name itself makes me shudder. I loved Christina Ricci in the Addams Family movie and I loved ska band Reel Big Fish. A lot. Much more than any 13-year-old should love a ska band. Ugh.

Tommy said...

I use TrustTommy for everything. And for the things I've signed up for but forgotton the password for (Qik, for example), I become iTrustTommy :)

Graysón said...

The last time I heard the phrase "You Damn Dirty", it was followed by the word "ape".
Racial Slur?
Maybe you could call yourself UberSlurry?

Also,above...Reel Big Fish are awesome.Nothing to be ashamed of there.They're more Ska-Punk than straight up Ska.The vocals don;t lend themselves to the Ska genre while the trumpets don;t lend themselves to Punk.

Go figure.

Sully said...

@YIEBYMB: You great big dirty fangirl! I'm pretty sure that as a young 'un, I was far too aware of my fickle nature, so I rarely affiliated myself online with popular bands - (even Blink 182 - and they're the best band evar!). That said, your blogging ID is quite a screenful! From a purely utilitarian point of view, I'd rather be calling you WensdayRBF! :-P

@Tommy: Are you paranoid about letting Firefox/Whatever manage your passwords? I'm waiting for someone to scare me off my reliance on the feature at the moment. Careful with that iPrefix - so long as you're using it ironically it'll be timeless!

@Graysón: The first use of 'damn dirty' on this blog was February 25th, 2007 in an entry called "Bored Stiff", over the course of which I use the phrase "damn dirty yanks".

Remember - I'm an equal opportunities offender!

Gamma Goblin said...

When I started blogging there was one "gamma goblin" on google search and that was some Japanese site. Now there's all kinds of gamma goblin's all over the place. It makes me quite irate! I am planning to rename myself Gammag Oblin, as it's still gammagoblin, but not, nevertheless. You will be invited to my renaming party, just in case you're worried :)

Anonymous said...
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Darragh said...

dj357 all the time, all over the net... I even took the 357 bit and used it in my company name :P