Monday, November 16, 2009

Jobseeker Beware

I've settled into an old ritual over the past two weeks or so - every day I come home from work and go onto and attempt to find a job that's some way related to marketing or writing (whether it's technical writing, copy editor, internal communications assistant), and located within 400 miles of my US-dwelling girlfriend (400 miles away would still work out at least 4,000 miles closer).

I'm dubious as to how worthwhile a process it is send résumés to whatever companies on the job search engine tick the right boxes - particularly when I'm admitting to them that I require sponsorship to work in the States, but it feels like I'm doing something, and 'something' feels like progress, so I'll bark up that tree for as long as is necessary.

Since 'marketing' is such a bullshitty word, my job search results feature copious amounts of specious companies that engage in 'direct' marketing - a process that involves harassing people on the street, or at their front door with your wares.

It's the same every time, the company has a crummy name, throws around a bunch of vague superlatives talking about how great they are and what a fantastic opportunity working for them is, and features an inappropriately fancy Flash-based website that seems to be an off-the-shelf template lazily adapted for their use. Just have a look at this snippet from the website for Marketing FX:

It's lorem ipsum - placeholder text! They can spend hundreds of words ducking and dodging mentioning what the company actually does, but miss out on these crucial details.

Here are the dodgy businesses with names awful enough for me to remember:

Global Advertising
ID Promotionz
World Class Advertising
Davis Direct Marketing
Difference Defined Milwaukee

Those six businesses I just listed comprise two different companies - which is pretty effin' dodgy.

Last year, when I was just out of college, and before I was any way discerning about which companies I applied to spammed with résumés, I got in touch with World Class Advertising, and even though the secretary got the name of her own company wrong when writing back to me (she called it "World Class Adverting"), I was excited by the response:

Your resume has been selected as a potential match for one or more of our job openings. You have been selected for a personal interview with one of our managers.

We have recently signed new marketing contracts with an international cosmetics company and 2 major national retailers. As a result, we are currently seeking professionals interested in learning Event Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Promotions and Team Leadership.
What timing, eh? They're after getting some big contracts and need to expand quickly! Since I was invited for an interview, I decided to pay a little more attention to what the company was all about, and that's when the scamminess of the whole affair made itself clear. I Googled 'World Class Advertising Scam' and read a few testimonials from people who were almost duped or were insulted by what an obvious dupe it was.

Unsurprisingly, one year later, is now offline, but there's no shortage of nonsense to take its place.

After being left a little cold by the description on Monster for Moxy Marketing, I decided to let Google fill in the details, and sure enough what I found was a very legitimate sounding business:

They even had a decent catchphrase! I went back to Monster to apply for work with them when I realised that the company advertised was Moxy - with a 'y'. You dirty homonym-exploiting bastards!

Nowadays, to get the most out of my job-searching time, I've made a habit of googling every company I've even a vague interest in, and if something smells fishy, I throw the word 'scam' in there and see what happens - if you're applying for work online, I recommend you do the same.

Useful websites (in case Google hasn't indexed them when you need the info!):
Rip Off Report
Complaints Board


tax jobs said...
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Anonymous said...

You certainly got that one right!!! Moxy Marketing with a 'Y' IS A SCAM! No doubt, beware!

Sully said...

Thanks for summarising my post in a Google-keyword-friendly fashion, Anonymous!

Moxy Marketing are to be avoided.

Anonymous said...

Please take this advise. Be careful when looking for jobs on well known internet sites. The scammers know where to advertise as well. Moxy has such high turnover, for a reason. This job opportunity was a waste of time. I don't understand how their employe's can believe their own b.s.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I've cancelled my interview at Moxy, and now I can do something more useful with my time. Like, Idk, pick at my cuticles. :)

Anonymous said...

I worked at this Co...luckily, not very long! Moxy Marketing is not just a scam. It is far worse than anything posted here implies. It is more of a cult than a job, full of unprofessional drunks. The owner is a disaster. Her mother is the next to be promoted...What??? Of course, there is no money to be made and you are expected to pay your way on 'business' trips, that are a joke in themselves. Pay for gas,when %99 of the jobs is door to door salesman, and you pay for lunch for new trainees! Trainees that are smarter than you and don't return. It is impossible to get away from your coworkers once you start, and it is expected to go out and drink after work and on weekends. You will get calls on your day off. All for nothing! phew! In case anyone is wondering NY partners in NYC is the same so is Polaris, Cydcor, and blue rock group, the list goes on and on... this is a very large scam spread all over the country.

Sully said...

Glad to hear you dodged a bullet, Anonymous #3, and thanks for the insight, Anonymous #4!

I hope you went on to do something legitimate in marketing, but in the meantime you can take solace in knowing your contributions here in naming a few more scams might help somebody out.

Anonymous said...

I feel sad for all the employee's, to be so desperate, to fool themselves into believing this is a career opportunity. This scheme/scam/business set up, should be illegal! Stay far away from Cydcor affiliates.

Here are a few:
LongView Concepts Inc.,
New York Partners,
Atlanta Business Consulting,
Distinctive Solutions Philadelphia,
Austin Competitive Consulting,
Austin CC, Addella Marketing,
East Bay Concepts, Inc.,
MP Inc.,
IE Innovations,
US Innovative Strategies,
VMI INC Marketing/Sales,
American Business Consultants,
Archetype Inc,
Bellasia Acquisitions Inc.,
212 Marketing Solutions,
Evantage Inc.,
East Coast Business Concepts Inc.,
SJC Acquisitions Inc.,
Lex Marketing Group Inc.,
ELS Advantage Inc,
CMT Consulting Group,
Dzurenda & Associates Inc.,
Valour Enterprises Inc.,
7 Promotions Inc.,
MIICAH Marketing Solutions,
DMC Atlanta,
TJC Inc.,
Norcal Group Inc.,
LNE Consulting Inc.,
Global Innovations Inc.,
Virtuous Solutions,
Rockland Incorporated,
The Southern California Group Inc,
Distinctive Solutions,
Worldwide Acquisitions,
Austin Business Consulting Inc.,
Orange Limited,
Action Global Communications
Waveland Communications,
Austin Competitive Consulting,
Inc, Intrinsic Consulting,
Archetype Solutions Inc.,
The Intuitive Group Inc.,
3rd Coast Concepts Inc.,
I.E. Innovations,
Strategic Campaigns Inc.,
& Yes,
Moxy Marketing Inc. in Pittsburgh, run by Ashley Allen, her mom and her boyfriend. yuck!

Stay out of my T!!!

Anonymous said...

You just saved me a hell of a lot of driving out of state for interviews and nonsense. Many thanks, my friend.I could have been a goner tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Here are a few more to add to the above list. There are hundreds of these companies out there, they are all job scams. Be ready for Moxy Marketing to change their name soon, due to negative posts. The address will stay the same:1016 Greentree Rd Ste 201, Pittsburgh, PA, 15220. Don't be fooled!!! All are Cydcor Affiliates. Beware, ALL of them are the same nation wide employment scam.

DMC Atlanta, run by Brittany Richard, lesbian bitch!
The Resolutions Firm,
Marketing Concepts Inc.,
San Diego Marketing Group, Inc.,
4 Fifty 8 Acquisitions, Inc,
Quill-one sorry ass Co. right here!
Ample Opportunity, Inc,
Rockland Incorporated,
Strategic Campaigns Inc.

Anonymous said...

Ashley Allen is a liar. She's not much over 25years old, and acts like it. I worked for her for a few... hours. That was enough. Enough to see the 'cult' structure. Unless you are willing to give up reason and freedom, you won't make it here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post! You saved me driving an hour for an interview tomorrow. Here is another one that looks the same as all the other ones and has been trying to schedule an interview...

Anonymous said...

The following website has years of statements from former employee's about these Co.'s. They are all the same, and this character from NY Partners has everything to do with the hundreds of Co.'s out there scamming people. Moxy Marketing is one of these Co.'s and is directly related to NY Partners & Rafael Diaz.

Beware out there, this category of jobs, will bring you one step closer to financial disaster.

Anonymous said...

iMAGE Inc. and Redline Concepts is another one to look out for! Beware...

Anonymous said...

Dynamic Business Group in Pittsburgh Run my Melanie Abajian is the same EXACT thing as Moxy Marketing run by Ashley Allen. They are sister companies that are the result of the same umbrella management company and use the exact same "system" for their sales promotions (the 4! 5's! and 8's! ...cultist bs). They are both extremely shady, tell their employees to be shady and sell products to people that they don't want or need, and are horribly run scams. Moxy Marketing and Dynamic Business Group are both representing Verizon business sales in Pittsburgh.

They promise that you will make 400 dollars per week in your first 4 months (Which works out to about 8 dollars an hour with the hours they want you to work. That is before you pay for your gas and food and all of your other expenses to work for them-not to mention not having a life because you are working 10-12 hours per you probably actually end up making less than minimum wage.) 800 dollars for the next few months-this is all commission mind you and before taxes, and then after you are Assistant Manager you apparently make 1000 dollars a week on top of your commission for indoctrinating new people; however, the shakedown here is that you are supposed to save at least 15,000 dollars with the company owner that you are with until you are ready to open your own office and become incorporated so that they can give you your start up money tax free. I am kind of curious to know what would happen to that money that you are supposed to save with them if you were to quit.

And needing time off for a doctor's appointment, to take your kids somewhere...pretty much anything except eat, breathe, sleep the company, and you are not being a team player. This is some hardcore crazy running through these companies.

Kirby O. LeSuiss

Anonymous said...

I was about to go on an interview with a company called LNE consulting before I saw this. the overall feeling was that something was missing. the website and HR director did not go over any details. Alarms went off and as I typed their name in google I saw spam spelled out. How do these companies make money?

alex said...

What do you guys know about Intrinsic Consulting, Inc. I googled it with scam and there's nothing but a mention of it in this posting. Any details?

Sully said...

Alex, I can't speak on behalf of the anonymous commenters, but I can assume that Intrinsic Consulting Inc. are listed here because they are a Cydor affiliate.

I looked on the company website, and it follows the pattern that all these MLM scams display:
*Flashy website with little content
*Focus on recruitment on the company website, rather than details of what the business does
*Excessive use of buzzwords to obscure the lack of information
*A low bar for entry to encourage more applicants - (the website actually says: "Experience never hurts; however we are willing to invest the time to train the right candidate")

Anonymous said...

These Co.'s are the same as NY partners, Polaris and Moxy Marketing: Each one is the same set-up; same scam.
Keen Marketing Solutions Inc., aka Moxy marketing
East Coast Marketing Innovations, Inc, aka Moxy Marketing
Vantage Point Consulting, Inc.,
Warrington Management Group, Inc.
The Resolutions Firm,
Red F, Inc.,
PSI Marketing
North, Inc
Archetype, Inc
The Phoenix Solution

All of these are Cydcor Co's...%1000 sure. Each one is an employment scam.
Moxy Marketing is going by: 'Keen Marketing solutions' now.. Very creative Ashley!
This name change was called by a previous author: It was only a matter of time before there name became known for this scam. Pittsburgh has been smart to stay away from Moxy Marketing, hopefully Ashley and Chris Ogden will not get away with this scam forever. Especially, with a simple change like 'Keen' as there name..

Good Luck out there, ask as many questions as allowed, if your still considering any of these Co's for employment. If someone could just scam these people... and login to let us know where a loop hole is. Please.

Anonymous said...

and yes. Intrinsic Consulting Inc. IS a cydcor Co. Exact same scam.

Complete and consistent with all the other Co's, especially in that they claim to do so much for their community. Bull Shit! They claim to be a partner with the Salvation Army, and that the employee's walk for St. Jude's, brain tumor awareness, painting wheelchair ramps(Nupath), and of course operation smile. A favorite exploitation of Moxy Marketing, Ashley Allen, and Chris Ogden. Shame on you all!

Anonymous said...

Wow, am so glad i stumbled on this website. I am fresh out of college and desperate to find a good job landed me on DMC Atlanta's website. You go to every job search engine and they have a position available.48 hours ago I applied and sent in my resume and the next day i got an email asking me to call Jenna.
I excitedly picked up the phone and all we discussed was when to schedule. I didnt get a chance to even ask about the company and what exactly the job was about because Ms Jenna sounded like she was in a rush. I live 4hours away from Atlanta so i thought she was nice enough to schedule the interview when i was available which was Monday. Then she told me to put on a suit and have my resume at the interview.
So after that phone call, i immediately called my brother, lol poor me was so excited. Had to dig into my miserable savings to get some money to buy a good suit then i decided to go to one of my favorite site and every review of the company was positive. I was on cloud 9 by then but something kept telling me to just Google the company and the word scam showed up and thats how i landed on this site. sighs. I am so sad yet happy that i got to read the reviews. There is nothing wrong with a sales job but this type of job isn't for me. Now i have to send a letter to Jenna who called me a few hours ago to confirm the interview for Monday at 2pm.

alex said...

What do you guys know about Stonewall Management?

Anonymous said...

So I don't understand. It sounds like working for these companies is very hard to be sure and obviously they work on commissioned sales, but where is the "scam?" Are they not paying people the commissions? It sounds like these companies have been in business for a while are have some pretty big clients (AT&T, Verizon, Staples, T-mobile) from what I have been able to find out. If they were really scamming people they would have been shut down long ago and reputable companies would certainly not be letting them sell their products! Are they forcing people to work against their will? I'm considering going in for an interview to check it out for myself. Sorry to be the voice of reason amidst the bashing, but it even sounds like they take people out and show them what they do before they hire them so I just don't see how anyone is being scammed. Please, is there something I am missing???

Sully said...

I appreciate the concerns raised Anonymous, but this isn't a blind bashfest.

The 'scam' is listing misleading ad descriptions, so those expecting a 'marketing' role are duped into face-to-face selling.

It seems like an attempt to brute-force sales by tapping into gullible people's social networks. The methods employed (such as interviewing virtually every applicant, even those unauthorized to work in the US like myself) imply that they burn through a lot of staff - possibly because they wise up to the fact that (1) This isn't how marketing is done and (2) all the great promotions and commissions promised aren't coming.

Can I implore future commenters to remain anonymous, but use the choice to pick a name? The overabundance of anons is getting out of hand!

Geoffrey said...

I was anon before but now I am not. OK, I think I see why people are upset but here is the definition of sales:

marketing |ˈmärkiti ng |
the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising

It seems that these companies are well within the definition of "marketing."

I don't understand the "brute force" aspect or the tapping social networks part unless they are asking people to sell to friends and family (are they???) and unless I'm mistaken almost every sales industry in the world has a high degree of turnover as sales is just not for everyone.

I don't know Sully, I understand where you are coming from, but if someone goes in for an interview and sees first-hand the type of sales they do, and doesn't want to do it, they don't have to. Buyer beware. It seems somewhat jaded and persucutory to call them a scam. I don't mind when people come to me door to try and sell me something. If they do a good job, I'll buy it, if not, I won't. Plain and simple. I certainly wouldn't prevent my neighbor from having the opportunity to do the same for himself.
I spent years in sales and was misjudged by the stereotype many more time than I would have liked. It is unfortunate. Some of these companies may be dishonest, I don't know, but I'll bet a good portion of them are doing business honestly and genuinely have something to offer. God knows we need more work ethic amongst today's youth!
Your readers should have to opportunity to go in for an interview and judge for themselves.


Anonymous said...

So I own one of these companies you speak of. In fact, its even on your list! So I'll stay anonymous :)

I truly wish there wasn't so much misunderstanding about what we do. We are great people who work very hard and really do help both our customers and our employees.

Nonetheless, I appreciate Geoffrey's comments above. He makes a valid point. I work with Cydcor and it has been one of the most supportive and exceptional companies I've ever dealt with. I am a well educated individual and love my job, and yes, I did door-to-door sales for almost a year before getting promoted and opening my own company. Yup, no "imaginary" promotions. I made about $400-$500/week while in the field (not great, but it payed the bills) and when I did get promoted I started making well over 100k/yr. You can call me a liar or say I've been brain-washed but it won't change the size of my paycheck.

We are constantly evaluated by our customers and our clients to assure than nothing disingenuous is done by our people. The stereotype itself is what forces us to advertise for jobs the way we do.

I would never have come in for my first interview had I read your blog years ago. I would have never wanted to go door-to-door. But I did, and I'm glad because I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the most interesting and colorful people through what I did and do.

Either way, I suggest that anyone thinking of working with a Cydcor company google "the black book of outsourcing" in conjunction with "Cydcor." Check it out and see for yourself on both the client and customer side. If you do go in for the interview and get the job (we do not hire everyone, but we do sponsor visas for those not authorized to work in the US) then do be prepared to work hard....very, very hard.
Much like Pro athletes who work very hard at the beginning of their careers for little or no pay, only to later work very hard for a ton of $$$, Cydcor and its companies believe that you must live an unbalanced lifestyle now (all work and no play) to live the oppositely balanced lifestyle later (all play and no work.)

In any case, there is no scam. We are endorsed by the BBB and welcome you to come and find out for yourself. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

blah said...

Ok... To the 'owner' or 'Geoffrey' same person... There is no misunderstanding! Your Co.'s name is on the list because, YOU SCAM PEOPLE! ...& You didn't compare yourself to a pro athlete did you? & you didn't hide behind god either, with your oh' so stand-up comment, on youth needing work ethic. How dare you!

The anonymous', the me's and the Sully's aren't responsible for people deciding not to interview. Your business practice's are. This is so basic to understand. Hire someone-pay them! 'All work- no play'...what is all this silly team night crap about then? If you, as such a success, are 'all play, and no work, what are you doing defending your sorry excuse for a Co. at 2 AM, on a blog? All these/your Co.'s are ALL about drinking and partying. That is part of the pitch.

But, if you aren't sure how it is that, YOU are scamming people,(you just may not know, because you are still being scammed) read this info: more like: read it without letting your juvenile pride hide the reality from yourself.

blahh said...

So, the 2am time stamp may not be correct.. but, your statement is still pathetic! ...If you are proud of your BBB 'endorsed' why not tell us which is your 'office'? If there is no scam, why be ashamed, or afffffraid to associate?

Anonymous said...

Ok... To the 'owner' or 'Geoffrey' same person... There is no misunderstanding! Your Co.'s name is on the list because, YOU SCAM PEOPLE! ...& You didn't compare yourself to a pro athlete did you? & you didn't hide behind god either, with your oh' so stand-up comment, on youth needing work ethic. How dare you!

The anonymous', the me's aren't responsible for people deciding not to interview. Your business practice's are. This is so basic to understand. Hire someone-pay them! 'All work- no play'...what is all this silly team night crap about then? If you, as such a success, are 'all play, and no work, what are you doing defending your sorry excuse for a Co. at 2 AM, on a blog? All these/your Co.'s are ALL about drinking and partying. That is part of the pitch.

But, if you aren't sure how it is that, YOU are scamming people,(you just may not know, because you are still being scammed) read this info: more like: read it without letting your juvenile pride hide the reality from yourself.

Anonymous said...

blah said...

That's strange that my comment above 'Blahh' was deleted... there is a lot of good info on the site above!

Anonymous said...

The above site describing ds-max and its affiliates is very accurate. A lot of it is out of date and Cydcor is a lot more corporate and far less "cultish" nowadays, but that's the general idea. We get a kick out of the "juice" and "hey guys" thing....They really did used to do that stuff and some old-school offices still do!

I guess it just depends on which side you want to choose. There will always be those who bash us and always be those who find success here that they could find nowhere else. It takes all kinds.

I'm not trying to convince anyone to work for Cydcor. It is incredibly hard. But it worked very well for me and my family and continues to. My guys make plenty of money. We have a lot of fun at work and meet great people. We volunteer our time and money to charity and give back to the community we work in and have loads of happy customers who are glad we knocked on their doors. Either way, everyone's got their own thing and I'll be happy to leave them to it.

As to "blahh's" attempt at taunting, I think I'll ignore that one with a savvy grin. I'd be willing to bet I make far more money, have much more free time, and generally enjoy my life much more than they.

Good luck to all of you in your pursuit of success and happiness. Don't give up on whatever it is that you want and you will most certainly find it! :)

Anonymous said...

I worked for moxy, gave them about 6 months. It was an odd environment and there were weeks I would make 1000 followed by a week of 150. I quit because I became comfortable with manipulating new hires and lying to customers. After a much needed moment of clarity, I decided that i have to move on. Lying to customers is not encouraged by the company, it is what many of us did to make an extra 300 a week. The problem that they are responsible for is what is communicated to interviewees and people in training. Things such as health insurance, mileage reimbursement and a couple other things are almost guaranteed. This means that I can use liguistics in a way that in the end, they said it but technically, didnt say it. Similar to pres Clintons word play when he was impeached. The worst things about moxy is the so disrespectful talk that goes on in a group setting about new people ( their appearance, their stupidity and any shortcomings they may have). If you quit, everyone will bash the hell out of you and reveal how they truely felt about you. I am pretty raw but was stil pissed off at what was said about people who didn't see eye to eye with the group.
The business model is good, cydcor doesn't encourage false sales, everything we promoted was truely a solid product but do you really have to go in a business three more times after they said no!??? Do I really have to hang out with the new people on the weekends??? I have seen employees promoted, it does happen. Its that the details leading up to that promotion are never ever mentioned until you are at that point. That is being deceitful. In the end for me I learned two things...first, I know how to communicate to people in a way to get my way,,,, secondly, your "friends" in the office only see you as a step for them to move up. Money is everything to these people. Everything!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Stay away from Vantage Point Consulting and World Wide Marketing in the Columbus, OH area. They're in bed with Cydocor. Thankfully I didn't drink the Koolaid, got out quick, but there are dozens of other poor souls that have.

Anonymous said...

(in columbus, oh)
just read this entire blog.... think i'll can cancel my interview with Vantage Point Consulting on Monday. THANKS!!!!!

MMI Pittsburgh scam said...

Moxy Marketing has a new location, and has changed the name to MMI Marketing. 33 Terminal Way, Suite #525 Pittsburgh, PA, 15219

Ashley Allen is still the one running the scam. It's all the same employees. MMI Marketing is the same scam as Moxy Marketing and East Coast Marketing and alllll the others. Don't be fooled by this common name change tactic. SCAM SCAM SCAM !!! EXACT same website as Moxy too! Same fraud!

Lisa said...

Thank You for this extremely helpful blog post! I could not find any information on one of these companies (with the exception of very vague information from the company website) you listed until I clicked the link to your blog. You're awesome! Once again thank you for being a lifesaver. :)

Anonymous said...

Sooooo happy the blog is up!

Red F. Inc. is also the same scam as East Coast Innovations, Moxy Marketing, MMI Marketing, and Keen Marketing.

Red F & East Coast Innovations have the same address:11821 Parklawn Dr
Rockville, MD, 20852.

Moxy, MMI, Keen all use: 33 Terminal Way, Suite #525
Pittsburgh, PA, 15219

With each name change they use the terminology:
"New Pittsburgh-based sales and marketing company..." It's not new at all. Ashley Allen is the manager behind these slimy tricks. Shes been at it for YEARS! Paula Fernandes is the assistant manager running the scam in MD. Same office and Co. though. Both these girls got into this scam working for the same office in florida. They came North together to start the scam in Pittsburgh. Now they spread to D.C. Start posting info or you'll see this scam infect your town too!

Don't let these bitches get you! They steal and lie, and expect you to do the same.

Paula, shame on you! said...

I just posted above...I forgot to mention that Paula Fernandes also goes by the name Paula Silveira, she is the president of the East Coast Marketing Innovations scam. or Red F. Inc. depending on who answers the phone...

The whole name changing thing is really pathetic girls!!!

I will be very clear though, Paula works under Ashley Allen. The MD office is not separate. Working in MD, still means you work for Ashley Allen, and ultimately Cydcor.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO MUCH for posting this blog. I start a job with Worldwide Marketing tomorrow and this has convinced me to make the call and tell them I'm not working there. I have to admit that I was pretty excited that I got the job because everyone looked very professional and sounded like they offered so much. I should have known it was a scam when:

I got an interview just by having a resume on a website and never applied to the business.

I originally interviewed for Vantage Point Consulting and wound up with a job from Worldwide Marketing because I was "on a different contract."

Was told that I would be working with fortune 500 companies and business leaders on the first interview and told I would be going door to door selling AT&T U-Verse packages on the second.

When they took me for my lunch interview to TIM FREAKIN HORTON'S!!

When they told me that everything was commission based and wouldn’t start me out anything other than entry level even though I have a bachelor’s degree and am currently earning my MBA because it's a "learning experience."

When they told me that they had about 50 applicants the economy was tough and could only higher a few people, me being one of them. Then when I look on their website they say that they are always hiring and even have jobs listed on different sites.

To anyone who has an interview or is thinking of applying to vantage point consulting or worldwide marketing in Columbus, Ohio BEWARE.

Anonymous said...

Red F Inc now located at 2275 Research Blvd. Rockville, MD.

Same System, Enter at your own risk. Going by everyone's comments on here it's the same old scam!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kirby O. LeSuiss!

I have an interview with DGB that I will not be attending now

Hugh said...

East Coast Business Concepts is the same Co as East Coast Marketing Innovations, and Red F INC ...they are trying to trick you with the job scam search sites, so, lets be very clear.
Sheer waste of time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying my fear of the companies being legit! Ugg… So frustrating!

Anonymous said...

Just go to "" and type in the business... this will let you know of its credibility :)

Anonymous said...

BTW Intrinsic Consulting, Inc. is a scam as too. I had applied to a company a few years ago with the same address of Intrinsic Consulting in Framingham. To my surprise they were both the same office! The first company, The Acquisition Group, went out of business or simply changed their name after their online presence got so horrible! All Cydcor affiliates! Northeast Consulting in Braintree is a scam, too.

Anonymous said...

Northeast Consulting to? Geez Boston area has lots of scamming companies! Intrinsic consulting and northeast called me a few weeks ago. No way I am going to get sucked into some job like that.

Anonymous said...

If you type in APF concepts in careerbuilder those are all affiliates of cydcor offices throughout the United States check it out they all use the same stupid ads

Anonymous said...

Ark Marketing Consultants another one dang mlm schemes all over the place. UNLESS you are interested in working door-to-door sales for commission pay with no mileage reimbursement (driving for outside sales), do not submit your resume and interview with any independent Cydcor affiliates.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am soooo glad I found all this out before walking into a trap!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great information! I'm graduating in a month and starting to feel immense pressure to find something and was so relieved when I got the call from Intrinsic Consulting. Now I can keep focusing on other opportunities.

Nickname unavailable said...

Its super funny how one girl called me from intrinsic consulting a few months ago and now there is some other girl calling. Pathetic and find a real job.

Anonymous said...

i was offered an interview with strategic campaigns inc in the kc area.... wats the verdict there?

flashy website, a lot of posts for entry level jobs on different websites, sales and marketing, fortune 500 companies.

any advice? i REALLY want a job soon but i dont want to work door to door with a soulless company.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found this blog! I almost fell bait to the scam! My situation is just like many of you have described: I'm a recent college grad and was thrilled when this seemingly amazing company (1919, INC) contacted me so quickly. Right away, something just didn't seem right. There were so many people waiting around for an interview and everyone in the office was high-fiving each other and loud music was playing. Also, they had to share an office with Red F Inc (also a scam). How great is your company if you can't even afford your own office space? I didn't want to seem close minded, so I thought I'd give it a chance. I got called back for a second round interview which consisted of a day on the job with one of their employees. I couldn't believe it was door to door sales for Intuit!I also can't believe that these employees are brain washed into paying for their own gas to push their product onto unsuspecting, privately owned businesses. The person conducting my interview told me that my "territory" may be as far as an hour away some days. Who can afford to drive around all day, and maybe or maybe not make any money?! I was also told I wouldn't be compensated in anyway for the week of required training. You work twelve hour days and are expected to go to "team nights". They try to come off as a huge, happy team, but it is more like a cult. To get pumped up before selling, they play "All I Do Is Win" and give each other "golf claps". I could go on and on about all the insane things I witnessed during my second interview, but it is very similar to what other people have posted.

After my second interview, I was offered the job on the spot, and I accepted. I was just so overwhelmed I just didn't really know what to think at this point. When I came home, I did some further research and found out that 1919 is just like all the other companies listed. It is a new company to the Maryland area, so I suspect word hasn't gotten around that it is a scam. So in general: STAY AWAY FROM 1919 INC, RED F INC, AND ALL THE OTHER COMPANIES LISTED!!!!!! I have concluded that 1919, INC, lead by Gene Baca is just an extension of Cydor. Gene Baca also worked for Warrington Management Group (mentioned in many of the above postings) before bringing the scame to the MD/DC area and changing the name to 1919 inc. Needless to say, I gave them a call the next day to inform them that I woudn't be back.

1919 Inc is located in Gaithersburg MD. It is under the address:
9055 Comprint Court
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Hope this helps any of you who have been excited by the seemingly wonderful opportunity presented on their website/job postings. Don't waste your time.

Chasity said...

I just got a call from strategic campaigns and while looking them up online I found this site. I'm still going to go to the enterview to see what they say but this site has told me to look closer into what they want me to do.
I was dooped into a position with Primerica that sold their crap to personal cirles and I didn't want to hassle my friends constantly or blind calling people for a crummy commision( 35 dollars in 6 mths ) and they made A LOT more than that. Thank you very much for the blog I will certainly keep my ears out for a scam and hopefully you can learn about the Primerica crap. They have great products to get into put it is a bad place to work.

Anonymous said...

I'm embarrassed that I nearly fell for this. There were all of these warning signs right in front of me, and I still told them I'd do it. (I've since told them I'm pursuing other interests.)

Thanks to whomever posted the link to Eric Wolfram's blog. I witnessed a lot of that stuff today. Scary. Oh, and they're still "hiring" by the ton in Columbus. That pyramid isn't going to build itself, you know.

Anonymous said...

You know what? I love the company and have joined the "cult". PROUD to be a hard worker, part of an actual team not an imaginary one, and will pursue ownership to continue to bring more hard-working individuals in to a rewarding career. Everyone else in opposition here are just not cut out for the job, not willing to work hard (grow up someday, you babies!), or can't see themselves succeed in business therefore hating everyone and everything that has to do with earning a salary with a company that represents Fortune 500 companies. Have a great life working at Starbucks and being Emo. No one will miss you when you suffocate on your own tears crying over your choice not apply yourself.

Sully said...

@Anonymous 10/5/11 2:27 AM

Your comment reads as though you're trying to convince yourself about the merits of your work, not the people on this blog.

I'm glad you're able to take pride in your work, but what's being raised here is that certain companies mislead potential employees about the actual work and salary involved in what they do in an attempt to lure as many potential workers in as possible, knowing that schlepping goods door-to-door is monotonous work that leads to high staff turnover.

Dismissing people as 'emos' and 'babies' for being wary of job listings that are too good to be true only reflects on your own emotional response to work that you know you ought not be doing.

Either way, thanks for getting involved in the discussion, and feel free to stick around, but please, give yourself a name to facilitate conversation!

Jacki said...

I recently had interviews with both Keen Marketing and Trinity Direct in Pittsburgh. I am not saying these companies are false or scams, but I would like to warn people that they are not what they seem to be. On sites like Monster and Career Builder, both of these companies say the positions available are for marketing/advertising/PR, etc. However, Trinity Direct actually involves the direct selling of DirecTV and Keen Marketing involves doing demonstrations in Home Depot. I wasted an entire morning, as well as an entire tank of gas, on going to interviews with these companies. I didn't know how to get the word out to warn people, but I saw this site and figured it was worth writing about. I hope I am able to save others from wasting their time when looking for an actual marketing/advertising job.

Anonymous said...

It took me a few days to find this information about 1919 inc. In my research, I realized that 1919 inc is owned/operated by the same owner of warrington management group of baton rouge, la. I had my suspicions from the start because the office looks like they just moved in; way too many people lined up for back to back interviews; etc. So glad that there are bloggers out there who publish this kind of information; it's extremely helpful. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I have read everything that everyone has had to say about this topic and I have to say this to the people who are apart of these companies and to the major companies that are working with these "scam" companies as well..."Don't you want to do something that matters to this world?"
Is it too much for a customer to just simply be happy with what they have instead of having some pushy salesman in their face telling them that their business won't make it without their products? Yes the economy in this country is slow and yes it's true that they only way to help that is by buying as much junk as humanly possible but still. What about companies like GMMB that actually market and advertise the things that matter? Anti-drug campaigns and presidential elections, world relief instead of another DSL line on your Verizon plan?
C'mon! Let's come off the b.s. and let's do something for the world that actually HELPS IT!
How about paying your people well for all the hard work they do instead of demanding sooo much of their time that it almost seems not even worth to work for you.
Let's get real people we all know that sales jobs are in and of themselves deceptive. We never tell customers the truth and we lie to them until one day they get a bill that's too much to pay and they realize they've been conned. I don't believe in the concept of all work no play becuase simply put it's really no way to live your life. HELLO?! How many movies have you seen where the person who works themselves to death is always miserable. No time with friends and family, or time to yourself for that matter.
Even in high school they teach people about the "work, life balance" If there is nothing but work then there can be no chance for life. No chance to engage in it and no chance to actually LIVE IT. I am sorry if this offends any of the people who have posted for the opposition but I cannot sit idly by and allow these companies to claim that they are being good to their customers or to their employees.
To the people who have posted against these companies I am in complete agreement with you and I have one thing to say "Do something good in the world" make every day count and be apart of something that matters not apart of something that does not. If you want to sell something sell something useful that matters not glorify something that will ultimately put a person in debt and make them miserable. Let's be the change we see in the world and practice what we preach.

Anonymous said...

Hey..I just want to warn people to beware of Intrinsic Consulting. I went there for an interview which took place in a crappy run down little office. My first impression was: That's it? Where do the employees work?
As I was waiting, the hr executive was playing loud music..lady gaga,,,
After the interview I knew as much as before, I did not get a clear job description and
was not informed of any detail (hours, pay, specific job description)
When I got a call back the same day for a second interview (from 10 in the morning until 5pm...who does that unpaid without knowing what exactly they will be doing???) I asked for a more specific description and I was given no clear have to shadow the person to see what it's's hard to describe...The whole thing seemed I googled the company and after some time I found out that it's basically door to door sale...what's so hard to describe about that???

Anonymous said...

Hello. So I've been reading these comments about these companies that scam people, and I was curious if someone could give me more information about Dynamic Business Group Inc, located in Pittsburgh, PA. Someone had mentioned them once during this discussion, but I wanted to know if anyone had any more information on the company. I recently received a call from them and the woman on the phone was extremely nice and seemed impressed with my resume (which she saw posted online and then contacted me). She said the manager (Melanie) was impressed with my resume and the woman set up an interview for me to meet with Melanie. She said there is a 3-step interview process and what not. I haven't seen much on this company besides what they have on their website and facebook page, and the one comment that is included in this blog. Can anyone please tell me if you know any more information on the company or anything that is legitimate and could help me out? Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I also just received a call from Dynamic Business Group in Pittsburgh. They called me, e-mailed me, and then called me again today. I have yet to respond because I am very skeptical, especially since they have contacted me so many times. I'm not positive, but I bet this is just another one of the businesses that says you'll be doing marketing but you end up doing direct sales/door-to-door sales.

Wen said...

I came to this blog because I just received a call from Dynamic Business Group. I want to know more about that company too. Wish someone here can tell us more about them.
I'm thinking whether to give them a call back.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I came across this website. I have an interview with DYNAMIC BUSINESS GROUP tomorrow, for an entry-level position. I wanted to research them a little because the recruiter who called to set up the interview seemed TOO excited about me and my resume, which I had sent them only 12 hours earlier. The recruiter spent a whole 5 minutes chatting and asking me about my experiences, which is something I have never had before from recruiters. I've had interviews for shady jobs before, and I just want to be careful!

Anonymous said...

Stone Wall Management job description is very misleading. They claim to give you a shot at entry level management. I went in for an interview yesterday and was told all positions for "marketing" translate to selling in retail stores.The have you try to get customers to buy home improvement services.Then allegedly you work your way up to "management".

I give them a Semi-Scam rating:)

Anonymous said...

I just had an interview with Dynamic Business Group. I am still unsure if this is a scam or not. Can someone help me find out?

Trevor said...

Regarding Dynamic Business Group being a 'scam', I would think that it matches the criteria laid out in the blog post.

Their website is flashy to the point of being obnoxious, and seems only to be about recruiting. Any information is a nonspecific collection of superlatives about how great the place is to work (a more 'legit' marketing firm would surely focus on attracting clients, rather than job-seekers)

Also, if you type in 'Dynamic Business Group Scam' into Google, you'll find plenty of other blogs and websites warning about the unethical practices that they engage in.

Dynamic Business Group is mostly likely a scam.

Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity to read these comments about Dynamic Business Group and it's sad to say that you guys are reading other people opinions instead of forming your own. I have read their Ads on the job sites and they are open and upfront of stating business to business sales in there posting. Even their recruiter is honest when you ask her questions unlike other marketing companies I have contacted.

My opinion is that they are a reputable company, If you don't want to do entry level business to business sales than that is fine, you have your own choice of what you want to do but to write blogs about a company that you haven't interviewed with is wrong. I would say before you make a judgement make your own opinion and ask questions to the employer directly, if you feel they are not honest then don't interview with them

Anonymous said...

I had an interview with MMI Marketing in Pittsburgh today, first round.

I came across the company on Monster as I was slinging my resume out to anything related to marketing in the Pittsburgh area. I felt that the site was odd and poorly done for a "marketing" firm.

This morning before leaving for the interview, I Googled MMI and saw the scam result turn up first, so I had a bad feeling about it but decided to go to the interview anyway as I live close.

Arrived at the building for the interview (33 Terminal St, Pittsburgh PA 15219 - Suite 525) and noticed that MMI had no listing on the standard building directory signs - instead, MMI has taped printed paper with their name and suite number around the building.

Inside the office, I was greeted by Ryan, a lady who never gave me her last name and was my phone contact to set up the interview. The office has a cheap feel, with purple walls and inspirational quotes inside of picture frames everywhere. Ryan was sitting at the desk not doing anything productive and was listening to pop music - Eminem, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, etc. Quite unprofessional. I had to fill out an employment application - the last time I had to do this was as a 15 year old applying for a retail job! Next, I was interviewed by Ashley - again, no last name. The interview was super fast, with just a few questions about me, and I was ushered out the door before I could ask about the company or position.

Upon returning home, I have read numerous complaints about the company, and safe-to-say I will not be going back for a day-long second interview.

Anonymous said...

I just started checking scam websites on companies before I even call them back and Austin Business Consulting showed up a couple of different places. Thanks for the heads up!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you this really helped, recent graduate, sounds great.

CMT consulting group

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I had an interview at Keen Marketing Solutions in Pittsburgh the other day and I am suppose to go to the 2nd interview/job shadowing thing tomorrow morning. I thought it was odd that this job called me since I wasn't a marketing major in college but rather an anthropology major. Only reason I applied for the job is because the posting was for recent college grads and Pittsburgh isn't to far away from where i live. After reading through all this i wont be going to the 2nd interview tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

So glad I decided to research these type of companies. I'm a recent college graduate in NC and have applied to at least 30 jobs so far.

I finally got an interview one day after applying with 4 Fifty 8 Acquisitions, which made me wonder from the start since it was so quickly done. Long story short, my interview is tomorrow but now I know that I will not be attending because of my research. Thanks for posting this and I hope more and more people becaome aware of these companies

Adrienne Y. said...

I just wanted to echo what most everyone else is saying. I interviewed at Vantage Point Consulting in Columbus Ohio today. It sounded great because they liked my resume so much and really wanted to meet me. Their website was hard to find and very vague. The interviewer didn't help much at all, and I left with no more information than I had when I woke up. Wheels started turning in my head on my drive home (I drove over an hour for the interview, and thus an hour to get back home). I started researching the company and found this blog and a few others that were similar.

What I don't understand is that if these are legitimate businesses, why do they give you the run around so much? I would love for the supporters on here to answer that for me. Why are the websites so vague, and why doesn't anyone just give you all of this information upfront?

These places are dangerous because, especially with the economy in the state it is in, people are looking to do anything. People like me, who are having trouble finding work, will spend the last of their gas and gas money for any lead. It is easy to take advantage of us, and for what? To fill quotas? I drove 100+ miles today to explore this opportunity, and that is 100+ mile I could have put into an honest job. Not to mention it took time away from my job search.

Maybe the people in these offices just don't understand what is going on fully. Maybe they don't care to realize that I, and the other woman waiting for an interview, drove and spend substantial amounts of money and time to go into their office. Maybe they are just selfish to a point where it doesn't matter to them that they are playing with real fire, and can cause real harm to people.

I am just glad that I learned all of this before I drove another 100+ miles to go to the second "lunch" interview tomorrow, which would have really meant that I would have been walking around the city in heals (she didn't warn me about comfortable shoes) and in a suit while we are expecting near 100 degree temperatures.

Please, please, please: if any of this at all sounds familiar to you, and you are on the fence about whether to go or not - don't do it. Don't do it. Even if the company doesn't (yet) appear on this list, but everything seems to match what has been said on this list, just stop. Don't think about it. You don't even have to call or email them. Instead, take a day to spend in your PJs and read a good book. Bake some cookies, call an old friend and then apply to some legitimate and honest jobs.

Anonymous said...

Wow thank you for all the information on this blog, and thanks to all the people who contributed viz the comments. I sent in my resume to Intrinsic Consulting Inc the other day and was surprised to get a response within 24 hours. After attempting to research the company and finding close to nothing I had a feeling something was fishy. This blog confirmed what my intuition already knew.

Anonymous said...

First, I want to say that I find it very amusing to read through this extremely long list of complaints for those few Cydcor-linked companies. I am an assistant manager at one of those companies listed, and it is rather ridiculous that you guys would complain about a company that YOU DON'T EVEN WORK FOR. What are you, fighting the good fight? Come on, that's why companies conduct interviews.. not only to see if they are interested in you, but vice versa. If you weren't satisfied, then DON'T ACCEPT THE POSITION. It is rather elementary. As far as feeling misled during the recruiting process... Guys, no matter if you are interviewing at McDONALD'S or on Wall Street, if you don't ask the right questions, you won't get the right answers. It's really that plain and simple. Now if you did ask the right questions, and were still misled, then that firm does things completely different than my firm. Which is why Cydcor's set up is pretty genius.. what they do, doesn't affect me; until some people draw conclusions from a few similarities. Look, I've been with the company for a little over a year. About 13 months. Everything is black and white. But you know what, I didn't come here to defend my company. People that run to the internet to post negative press about a company they've known for 15 mins are minions in regards to my life. People that base sole judgement off of these snap judgements from the former.. well, we appreciate free-thinking individuals. Listen, sorry to go on a rant, but I love my company, I love my job, I love my pay, and most importantly I adore the people I work with. It's sites like these that misrepresent our company. Not our company! We take you out on a second interview on which you see the job first-hand! How much more transparent can you be!

Adrienne Y. said...

To the Anonymous right above me:

My main issue with these companies is just that - their transparency issues. Had it been disclosed up front what the job would entail, I would have stayed home and had no problem what-so-ever with Vantage Point. What bothers me is that I learned way more with a simple Google search than I did on the company website, from the recruiter who called, or even from my interviewer. I wasn't given the opportunity to ask any questions, and everyone was very vague.

I am elated that you love your job, I really am. These companies, I'm sure, work very well for a portion of the population. These people, and you, will thrive from the challenge and atmosphere, and it's wonderful that you found such a place.

What I am talking about is how vague and predatory the hiring process seems to be. Had, at any point, someone said to me "We offer our clients higher sales through door-to-door work" I could have judged for myself if I wanted to work there. Had I had the opportunity to ask any questions, or had it dawned on me that a company would withhold that important information from me, I could have judged for myself. Instead, I drove an hour each way and wasted precious little gas when I could have saved it for a more honest company that would be better suited for me. The almost graduated college student, excited for a job opportunity, could have also saved herself an hour+ drive each way should she determine that the job wasn't for her.

What gets me the most, in regards to my own situation, was that I was told the second interview would be over lunch. I was not told to wear comfortable shoes or to bring water as it would be 100+ degrees with the heat index that day. I was told to wear business professional attire: pants/skirt, jacket, a nice shirt, heals. I don't know about you, but heals and a jacket are about the last thing I want to walk around the city in when it is 100+ degrees and sunny out after driving an hour.

But I am rambling now; I am still more upset than I realized. I just wanted to let you know that it isn't what your company does that is the problem. It is how it gets bodies on the street that is the problem.

Anonymous said...

ndeuYeah, that's totally understandable. I started with the company the same way.. not knowing it was door to door sales. Had I known that, I would've pre-judged the job based on prior views of such a position and, to be honest, my disgust with door to door salesmen. Funny that I'm one now, lol. Anyway, I would never have joined the company and been afforded the opportunities that have presented themselves to me. The company has so much more to offer than just door to door sales that, in all honesty, advertising the position as such would be equally as misleading, just in other ways. Far fewer people would apply, and would never have the company explained to them the proper way. When I call potential employees back to invite them in for the daunted second, full day interview, I make sure to tell women to bring comfortable shoes. Again, it all depends on which firm you are applying to. I apologize for your inconveince, but you have to understand how damaging a site like this can be to prospective employees who read this stuff and never even come in, when in fact, they may have been successesful.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, if your reading this, and you are invited in for the second interview, wear something professional, yet comfortable. And come in, and see if you like it. What's the worst that can happen? You go back home and jump on CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, or whatever your choice of finding employment is. What's the best that can happen? We change your life forever.

Anonymous said...

The companies are not illegal in anyway, shape or form. I'm sure they pay the due commissions and there is no legal trouble; no rules they are breaking.

But there is a scam involved. They need as many bodies as they can find in the hope that a few stick because it is a brutal job - unsolicited door to door knocking. Sales people like this are the reason "NO SOLICITATION" signs are in use. The scam is the advertising of the position, and what the job TRULY entails.

To all that defend your company, be honest what the position does on your website and in the first phone interview. IS THAT SO HARD TO DO?

Anonymous said...

Red F Inc has changed their name to Red F DC and their new address is on e. gude drive. Dont for get to check out the 3 rip off reports!

Nick said...

Allow me to clear something up. During the second interview, the trainer explains that the only compensation is 28% of sales (before tax). Once you go through training, you become an account manager/trainer, and start interviewing people on your own. The goal is to build a team of people who you train to sell on whatever marketing campaign you've been hired on. It is door-to-door, cold approach sales, and is literally the hardest sales job out there. With that being said, merely going through the process, and sticking it out for a few months, will make anyone a stronger person. I worked with this company from January 2010 to May 2010. I made it to the account management level, and never hired anyone on my team. The reason was because I lost steam/momentum. For the first couple of months, I made plenty of sales, and banked about 500-700 a week. It was once I felt the pressure of building a team, and convincing people to partake in work that I saw as extremely difficult, that I fumbled. At the end, it was time to move on, and the people at DMC did nothing but wish me the best. The reason the office is full of 20-something year olds is because the job market for college graduates is awful. The people who work there are fun, exciting folks who want to be there for you. Sure, some of the routine is a little bit cheesy, and the turnover is high, but occasionally someone makes it up through the ranks and advances in the management program. They are the people who are meant for this job. I cannot stand that people call this company a scam-job just because it's difficult. Just the typical American attitude... if it's hard, it's wrong!... My experience with DMC was great. I loved the people I worked with, and truly enjoyed some of the days I was there. The work sucked, but that's just because I was bad at it, not because it's unbearable work in general. The people there are what make it worth it. The manager (Adam), is an excellent human being who takes an active interest in the lives of his employees. I would not trade my experience there for anything, because if nothing else, it makes me value the work I do now that much more. -Nick

Anonymous said...

Red F Inc. and 1919 Inc. are both affiliates of Cydcor. The owner is nice enough, but 1919 Inc. has had to completely change who they are as a company and the campaign that they market or else the company would have gone under. Red F Inc. is like working for the circus. The president is only 25, and one of the most unprofessional people I have ever met. He lives off "smoozing" people to get what he wants. This company is so ridiculous, the people working there pick and choose what they want new people hear around the office. It is like recess in middle school working for/ with these people. Completely unconventional door to door sales job where knocking on a strangers door in the pitch black at 9:15pm is considered normal in order to get the job done (aka trick some stranger into purchasing verizon fios). watch out bc red f inc of washington dc has moved office space at least 3 times and will probably be moving again sometime in the near future. These people will take you out on interviews and talk to you like a robot from a script that they have memorized, they will tell you that a person from Verizon comes in to give everyone benefits once or twice a year. Never while I was there did that happen. They'll tell you there is compensation for gas and food since you are driving door to door on a residential campaign, there is no expense report ever given in to the company though. These two companies are simply sketchy, shotty Verizon contracting companies.

Anonymous said...


I am a former employee of this group and will tell you from personal experience that not only is Liam scamming the employees by withholding and then denying the commissions that he advertises, he also hands out territory based on his personal his girlfriend (a saleswoman) Randi Tillett. This whole group is a complete mess and will try anything they can to get you to fall for their big promises. None of which happen as his entire company is a bunch of false advertisements to suck in the unemployed to work making door to door sales for his pocket.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad i ran into blogs like this one, that are informing people about the numerous scams out there. Thanks i just cancel my second interview with red f inc.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy I found this blog last night!! I live in Pittsburgh, about to graduate from Pitt and interviewed this week with both Driven Marketing Solutions and MMI Marketing. I interviewed with MMI this morning!! DMS seemed more legit because I only saw one other person interviewed and was interviewed by an HR person. I'm supposed to go job shadow next week. I found out my friend actually worked for DMS for about a month and they were called Dynamic Business Group in May... only 5 months ago, which explains why I couldn't find ANY information on them. I found so much info on MMI Marketing on I felt they were unprofessional. The receptionist apparently screens the resumes, which is unheard of to me. An HR person or a manager should be doing that. The receptionist tried to chit-chat about my weekend plans and talked to me like was her friend, which I felt uncomfortable with because I obviously don't know her and don't need to hear about the "redneck" wedding she's supposed to go to and how the groom doesn't want a bachelor party. I saw 8 people interviewing for this job... it's Friday... to be doing THAT many interviews on Friday is weird. I'm in my early 20s and there were people who were in their 40s interviewing for entry-level! When the receptionist walked away for a moment, a woman asked if I knew what exactly they do and I told her and a Duquesnes student that I think it's really door-to-door sales and they try to tell you it's marketing. The owner asked me if in a year to 1.5 yrs would I be ready to run this company... that's not nearly enough time to learn to run a business... but I guess when you're only interveiwing people all day, what is there really to learn.

I'm so happy I went to these interviews because now I can instantly smell bullshit. I'm surprised I was THAT nieve, but it happens. I thought the fact that neither company had much information on their website or said who owned the company and they began it was odd. Plus if you look at their facebooks and company sites, it's all pictures of them partying together with alcohol... not professional. Apparently 212 Productions, which posts a lot on CareerBuilder is the same thing. I didn't apply to them though. Hope this helps anyone looking at either company!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this will help any prospective employees... being on the inside and now finally out of this bulls***, complex system, I can tell you guys this: Always, and I mean ALWAYS, expect a Cydcor-affiliated company if you are contacted by the company through phone or email, are not briefed on exactly what the job entails, answers are vague, and they insist on you coming to an interview.

Also, if you Google a company and all you find is job postings, BEWARE!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I work for one of these companies.. It IS long work. It IS NOT easy. I love it, I hate it.

Scam, I don't think so. ALL of my paychecks have cleared. I have gotten promoted as promised when I reached a certain level of productivity.

Is it marketing? Yes, and no. Yes, it fits the description, no, it's NOT marketing like the class you took in college.

As others have said, you go on a full-day interview. Don't like it? Don't take the job. Obviously...

pm9180 said...

Hey Sully,

Thanks for posting this information. I've been offered a position with 1919, Inc. Even after reading what everyone has to say, I'm going to take the job.

I'm not sure about most of you, but I genuinely want to get into sales, preferably of the outside variety (I don't think I'd excel in inside sales/telemarketing). Sure, the job with 1919's 100% commission and I'll probably come away with a net of $75 every week when I factor in travel expenses, but it is what it is. I don't have people knocking down my door, begging me to take a job that pays base, benefits, and nice commission. It's something I have to work towards.

All of this being said, I definitely don't want to be a manager with this company. I'll work extremely hard, gain experience, come away with a glowing reference, and hopefully, within 12 to 18 months, land into something with base pay, benefits, and preset appointments.

One question, though (hopefully someone can answer): does working for a Cydcor company not look good on your resume?

NI jobs said...

I havent came across them before but thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to this blog and much research on the web, I will not be going to my 2nd interview tomorrow with MMI Pittsburgh.

An earlier blog stated the EXACT same thing I experienced today at my initial meeting with Ashley Allen. Ryan, the receptionist kept asking me how I was going to spend my thanksgiving while at least 4 other people where still filling out paperwork. I asked how many positions where being filled & always got a "beat around the bush" anwser about how it would all be explained to me.

I was walked to the back office with Ashley. As she started her pitch, I kindly interupted & asked her if the position was sales. I also made it very clear that I am in my late 40s, and was looking to get on with a company that I could utilize my many years of experience & hopefully retire with.

As I was explaining my goals & situation, Ashley interupted me and said, very rudely " will you let me get back to the interview process?" I lost interest immediately.

I am too old & serious about making money to deal con artists.

I do not want to brag, but I am a locally well known entertainer that performs almost nightly, so a daytime marketing job sounded very interesting.

Little does Ashley know that I will now stop at nothing to get the word out about her company in the Pittsburgh market. I don't know how she can sleep at night knowing she is scaming every poor soul that falls for the hype.

Shame on all these "Ashley" types for taking advantage of people that are really feeling the effects of the bad economy.

Capitalism used to be a good thing until companys like Ashley's ruins american's faith in the concept.

Anonymous said...

I notice how all the people on here defending these dishonest and misleading pyramid schemes are actually working for them (such as Annonymous with CMT Consulting), but make no mistake, if you are contacted by ANY consulting/staffing agency RUN AWAY. They will bring you in for an interview, and then ask you where you've previously interviewed to get leads. That's all. The real jobs are just door to door sales and there is a reason they are not honest and having to defend themselves on here. I think those companies should be shut down and removed from sites like and

Anonymous said...

1919 Inc is now located at 405 Gude drive Rockville MD and it also says Red F inc on the door. Had my preliminary interview today with Gene Baca who wouldn't answer any of my questions clearly. There were like 7 people in and out of there while I was there for a 10 min interview. I ask how many people they interviewed for the position he said I was in the 100's since Monday, its Thursday. I said o wow how many are you hiring and he said we are calling 3 or 4 people tomorrow for a 2nd interview but over 400 applied so you made it past that. Needless to say glad I found this blog I will prob be called tomorrow for a 2nd interview which I will be declining. O yes and a guy named Derek was there interviewing people there also for Red F Inc. saw him in the parking lot when i pulled up and he was meeting up with some shady looking guy in a beat up car....looked like a drug transaction to me because he came in right after and began interviewing again and I hear these guys like to party, wouldn't surprise me if it was a transaction......

Shady shady Shady don't dot it.

Tandre12 said...

World Wide Marketing in Columbus, OH is at 6230 Busch Blvd. I am so glad I found this blog. The BBB only has one reported reported complaint on their website though. I thought I would see more. Regardless I am not going to my 2pm interview.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone provide further information on Driven Marketing Solutions in Pittsburgh?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting your comments on vantage point consulting. I wasn't sure about going to my interview but now I'm real sure that I'm not going.

jeremy said...

i have an interview with vantage point consulting tomorrow at 145 just wondering what people think about it b/c i have seen a post stating that they werent going to there interview on the fifth on this month this year

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard of Defined Industries? I just applied to this company and after reading all of these posts, i'm really nervous. They kind of sound a little like the rest of these companies. I have a phone interview in the next few days, so I hope someone can help me!!!

Anonymous said...


think for yourself said...

Is no one else reading this in detail? Sully can't even work in the United States; therefore has never even worked for one of these companies. In fact, it sounds like he is having a problem getting the job he wants and is trying to occupy his time. No disrespect Sully, but I am an educated college graduate with an MS in Organizational Behavior. I interviewed with Vantage Point Consulting and had a great experience. The girl in the lobby was very friendly, the energy was great, and I felt great about my interview. I was offered a position and have plans to start. What gets me is their model makes sense. Their clients have money invested in products. Those products need marketed/sold (ps they are one in the same.) The most genuine and direct way to do that with a product that cannot be mass-marketed is with face-to-face customer interaction. Just like most companies, the actual job needs to be learned by employees. Employees then move into a training position. Management is to follow. I have worked for the second largest law firm in the states, one of the largest banks in the world, and a very respected university and they all work the same.

As for the pyramid and scam accusations everyone is throwing out...Did you get asked for money? Did you not get paid? Are the clients not reputable? So where is the scam? The pyramid...this one gets me the most... name any company that doensn't have one person in charge. They are called CEOs and Presidents. They have high level managers below them. Then mid-level managers. There are workers under those managers. WOW...all companies must be a pyramid scheme.

As an educated, traveled, and aware business person I urge people to judge for themselves in anything they desire to do. I can find negative comments on the internet about any company. It's impossible to make everyone happy.

Sully, you should be ashamed. In one of your posts someone asked about a particular company. Your response was I am not familiar with them, but I can only assume they are associated with Cydcor.

Educate yourselves people. If you go in for an interview and you feel great about the people you meet trust your gut. Understand, not all companies are the same. I visit nice Chase Banks and McDonalds, and not so nice ones.

Stop spending so much time writing bad things on the internet and do something productive. Or better yet, get a job.

Sully said...


Sorry buddy, but you've really missed the mark on this one.

Your attempt to discredit me by stating that I can't work in the US only bolsters the tawdriness of the company in question, as I was called in for an interview despite declaring I didn't have a work permit.

I wasn't undermining the efficacy of door-to-door sales - I was criticizing dishonest recruitment practices. Read the testimonies on this and other sites - it's pitched as 'marketing', when the work consists of regurgitating pitches on people's doorsteps. And when you don't even pay workers' travelling expenses, of course it's a cost-effective solution!

[The timing of your comment is funny, because I just got a new job, at a legitimate firm, and one of the first lines under 'compensation' in the contract is that the company "will reimburse you for all reasonable travelling and other expenses actually and properly incurred by you in connection with your duties of employment."]

Your attempts to draw parallels between the practices of the company you work for, and legitimate firms are pathetic, and just shows the kind of mental gymnastics you're going through to maintain your self-image as a guy who just works harder than everybody else.

Thanks for your comment, but I will continue to spend my writing time as I see fit, and if I can spare one person from drinking the same Kool-Aid you clearly have, I'll continue to feel good about doing so.

Jade said...

Thanks Sully!!! I appreciate you blogging about these scam companies. Today I was called by Instrinsic Consulting & now know why I wont be calling them back. I had recently put my resume on Monster becasue I have just finished school to be a Medical Assistant. So dar the only people that have hit my resume is Instrinsic & MetLife , lmao.... Instrinsic's job posting on their website actually leans twd. people that were in retail/restaurant work ( I was a waitress for years) I have already heard about these types of firms & I'm interested in making an honest wage. Not door-to-door sales that will get slammed in my face :):) KEEP BLOGGING

Anonymous said...

@Sully There really is no point in going back and forth with @thinkforyourself. Once you're in it, you're in it, and too blinded by "thinking big" to consider the level of poverty you are living in just to pursue some mythological, unattainable, very abstract position.

Think for yourself, let me ask you one question. Do you know what your manager does on a day to day basis? Since you're out in the field all day, has it crossed your mind as to what you are actually working towards. You say this position is perfect and blah blah blah, but what are the day to day functions of a Cydcor manager?

I'll tell you. Interview. Interview. Interview. With a bunch of lies scattered throughout those interviews to alleviate the turnover. All those "conference calls"? Your manger is on the phone with HIS/HER leader discussing ways to further brainwash his employees into believing this is the American Dream. Corporate America without the nuisances. If that's how you want to spend your days as a manager, as you count the pennies at night, then good luck working those LOAs! Tight to the right! Work a full day! Have and maintain a positive attitude!


Anonymous said...

Watch out for Power Home Remodeling!! I worked there over the summer and you are hired being told you can do anything you want and they only hire from within so you are stuck working 2 hours away until 6PM walking door to door telling home owners you wasn't to schedule them for a free estimate. The truth is they get visited by a salesman with a hard sell and often times other departments call the person and reschedule your appointment to steal credit. You get a base of 100 a day but with the hours you put in you are better off working retail. If you are one of the few people that the manager Kelly hires you can make more than 100 a day but have to be hush hush. They say they don't subcontract but they do and just say they are exclusive contractors and while you are going door to door in the rain, snow and heat (9/10 times in areas where you don't have a permit ) they are busy calling the customer 7x every time their name comes up in the system. The managers are bitter at the company and your day changes depending on your driver, either a bunch of stoners who don't care, kiss asses that follow the system and my favorite, the people who just want to get 2 and go home. 2 estimates per 60 homes? That isn't right

Anonymous said...

what do you know about psi marketing inc

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I really looked into all these comments and for DMC Atlanta. I almost went to the appointment

Taylor said...

I accepted a position with one of the companies listed on this blog that begins after I graduate in May. I feel like I’ll be chastised for my personal decision from people I don’t even know, but I wanted to write of my experience because I like different perspectives as a general rule. I read all of this blog and other media before I went to the interview, and I still went because I am averse to taking career advice from this blog or ripoffreport or any anonymously written online posts, simply because I know literally anything can be written and the author is not subject to any repercussions; anything can be written, even if it’s not true or speculation… or written by a competitor trying to damage a company’s reputation, my thing is, you just never know. However, I was careful and had my list of questions for the interview and I was satisfied with the answers I got, I liked the people I met, so I also went to the 2nd interview and the 3rd.

After accepting my position I have a salary + commission, and I also have benefits that begin after 90 days of employment. I’m happy with that and happy I checked it out for myself, and if it doesn’t work out here, I’ll still have some great experience under my belt for my future.

Margo said...

I am graduating in May with a BBA in marketing, and I applied for a job either today or yesterday with East Coast Business Concepts in Pennsauken, NJ. Who can remember when you're spraying resumes everywhere.

I received a call from them a couple minutes ago, and the conversation I had with Holly made me think something was off. Upon Googling, I found that they are operating a scam of some sort. I'm glad I stumbled upon this post.

I didn't get a degree in marketing to be made a mockery of. This disgusts me. I will certainly be more mindful when applying. I know the "economy's bad" but it's not that bad.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody heard of Redline Executives inc.??? I applied for a job there on career builders and looked them up finding some sketchy things.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever heard of 212 Consulting Inc. in Wellesley, MA? Nothing but job postings comes up for them and they emailed me back suspiciously quickly... thanks

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know about GSI and six10 marketing in Boston. They sounds like the same thing along with North Carolina Marketing Solutions in Raleigh...

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me more about Red F, Inc? Has anyone worked there? Is it door to door sales? I just got a call back from them, and was wondering what to expect. Are these guys just full of it?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous poster "8/3/12 7:34 AM"

North Carolina Marketing Solutions seemed very sketchy indeed. Sent in my resume in the afternoon, got an e-mail at 9:00 AM the next morning saying they were interested then called me 20 minutes later before I even responded to that e-mail. Interviewed the next day which went well, but implied I would be doing sales before aggressive promotion. I was called later that afternoon and scheduled for a second interview that would be SIX HOURS! After reading about the structure of various other "Marketing firms" that pitch you a quick manager position after experience with sales, I am fairly certain North Carolina Marketing Solutions is similar.

All of their blogs/facebook show a staff of 20+ yet the office had a receptionist and the guy who interviewed me and that's it. Not to mention the interior of the office was virtually empty. I looked them up on BBB and they have a "B" grade with a major factor being they have not been in operation long.

Now this is obviously conjecture, but since they are located in the University of Phoenix building, I wonder if they prey upon recent grads or current students that don't know any better. The guy who interviewed me wasn't even a business major.

I obviously cannot say for sure, but I would strongly urge caution if applying or getting your hopes up for a position.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard of Enprise Marketing Group in Pittsburgh?
I feel as if they are doing the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Spark Marketing in Birmingham, AL is another Smart Circle company. The woman that runs that office (Meredith Settler) is known for telling you one thing and doing another.

She has no problem writing you off the schedule if you don't do her bidding, either. She wanted me to go on a non-paid-for (except for the hotel) road trip that I couldn't afford. I told here I couldn't run that road trip, and she took me off the schedule for the rotation after the incident (except for as a relief pitcher for a couple days because one of the guys had church stuff to attend to).

On the next rotation, she wanted me to drive a total of 30 miles out of my way on a Sunday to pick up a guy from the Memphis office and I told her that I wasn't willing to do so. She wrote me off the schedule for the rest of that rotation, and I resigned the Monday after the incident. Oddly enough, she closed the door behind me when I was filling out my last time sheet. I think she was going to tell me she was permanently writing me off the schedule until I could find something else. I just beat her to the bluff...Ha!

Bottom line. People in the Birmingham area. Go to North American On-Site in Tuscaloosa. They are the staffing agency that Mercedes-Benz hires through. You will have a lot better job with a lot better pay and an actual benefits package if you go there.

Finally, I would much rather be a 9-to-5 schmuck than put up with the humiliation of pitching products that nobody wants all day, and getting paid less than minimum wage to do it.

Anonymous said...

Working for an independent Cydcor company means you must be entrepreneur minded. If you want the same pay cheque every week with an hourly wage stamped on your forehead, these sales positions aren't for you. You pay for your own expenses because you're self employed. And if you were smart and work out the math, when tax time comes, you actually get huge benefits because the majority of those expenses related to your business is tax deductible!!

These companies only want people who are willing to work their butts off like any very successful entrepreneur who reached great success. Success takes hard work, commitment, and sacrifices. If you can't do that, don't bother going to the interview because you'd be wasting your time and the company's time as well.

If your goal is to be an entrepreneur, companies like these give you a crash course in leadership, management, human resources, finances, and everything else you MUST know to run your own business.

If entrepreneurship isn't your long term goal, you won't make the necessary sacrifices anyway, so don't bother getting involved in commissioned sales with one of these companies. Thats why they recruit in the masses, because there are only so many entrepreneur minded people in comparison to employees.

I'm in human resources and anyone I see with door to door sales experience on their resume is getting a call from me. It takes a very strong mentality to be successful in commissioned sales, let alone run your own commissioned sales company.

If you're a university grad, research the industry. Don't look at the sales position in front of you. As a student you should definitely think long term. These companies land contracts with fortune 500 companies because of the direction advertising has gone in the past decade. TV commercial spaces are costly and not as effective. People want to skip commercials and use their TEVO or PVR. Same goes for radio commercials. People instead attach their ipod or listen to satellite radio to skip the non-sense. People are more environmentally friendly as well, so flyers, newspapers ads, posters, etc, don't have the same effect, neither do bill boards or mass media channels.

Big corporations need a way to go directly to their customers, and that's what the sales reps in the offices do because the results are impressive and measureable in a corporation's eyes. Ultimately, that's why so many offices are open today because the demand for direct sales companies will only grow. It's a sexy industry to be in.

Question is, do you have the determination to become the office owner with a 6 figure income? Much like do you have the determination to go to the gym 5 times a week, lose weight, and train yourself to have a sexy and healthy body? It's not easy! and you can be demotivated because its challenging. But those who do it, strike big...and I know a few of them! Most interesting and smart people I've met.

rhexyn said...

Same with me. I am 19 years old and looking for work, regardless of what I have to do. I posted my resume over at Monster and today I got a phone call from CMT Consulting Group.

I was super pumped and everything then I decided to Google their company. But the thing that caught my eye was in the second search item which included the word "scam". Then I knew I was screwed. So I sent them an email not 30 min later saying that I was not interested. Thanks for the heads up Sully and the rest of the people that posted here. I almost lost my dignity and respect for myself.

But I can't help but feel embarrassed for even taking the interview... Ah well. Let's hope things look up for everyone of us sooner or later...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anything about Dynamic Aquisitions in Greensboro, NC? I have a bad gut feeling about them, but wanted to know if I should follow that or not. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It was mentioned way up top of this blog, but i want to confirm that MP Inc. is a complete joke. it is cultish and strange from the moment you want in the door. i went for an interview cuz i was fresh out of college and desperate to simply work and make money. they will call anyone, invite anyone for an interview, and offer anyone a job...why wouldnt they?? its straight sales, cold calling, door knocking, etc. a really nice lobby and fancy look to the business with a place that appears too fun to be a job....yeah, pretty obvious that they try to hide what the place really is...a joke. i'm in the Kansas City, MO area but they may have other offices and certainly other affiliates in other areas. beware.

Anonymous said...

one thing to add...i see a lot of people commenting about the Better Business Bureau. the BBB is a joke and you can buy your way into a good rating by the BBB. dont put a lot of weight into the stock of a company either bragging about being on the BBB list, or not finding anything bad from the BBB.

matthew heinrichs said...

I posted my resume on Careeebuilder at about 1:30 this 3am, I had an email for a job interview with Strategic Campaigns. The email was sketchy...but I called them today, to set up a time. The girl told me 11am tomorrow. I thought it was strange, she just answered the phone by saying "Human Resources"

Then I got off the phone and thought about it...I had no idea what they was never mentioned. So I called back, and asked her...after 2 times of her explaining to me at lightning speed...I still had no fucking clue what this was about.

So I went to their Facebook...which has hundreds of generic looking pictures of parties and events, all over the world...looks almost unassociated, like there ripped-off pictures from something else. I checked their website...flashy, with fancy graphics and hip rock music...still, it did not explain what the hell they do.

So I looked them up on Google...and found this, and other sites like this, with big-ass lists of scam "marketing firms".

So, I tried to call back and tell the girl, that I would not be coming in for that interview tomorrow, because they are a scam...but now I get a message that says, this mailbox cannot accept messages.

Glad I didn't get sucked into this...

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the blog and reading over everyones comments! Buuuut I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about MP Incorporated in the Kansas City area?? Sounds similar to the companies your talking about but would like more info from people who have had experiences with that company.

Anonymous said...

So the sad part is, while you are all complaining about these companies, they are making more money and becoming more successful than you ever will. Good luck with that job search guys!

Ste Ku. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Beware of MTE Consulting Group
(562) 868 9105
12440 Firestone Blvd. Norwalk, CA 90650
Suite #1001

The e-mail from Human Resources is full of grammar and spelling errors and it makes you wonder whether she passed 5th grade or knew what a spell check is.

Anonymous said...

Thank God I decided to do a little research on Intrinsic Consulting before I went in for my interview. Thanks to this site I know I should stay faaar away from them. As a recent college grad I'm looking for work, but if it's sales especially door to door selling, no thank you. I went to college to AVOID working retail.

Nicole said...

Wow, totally just saved me an interview with Strategic Campaigns. I graduate in less than a month with a bachelor in pharmaceutical science and recently posted my resume on Career Builder. So glad I didn't waste my time with one of these companies - definitely NOT what I'm looking for...The lady who called me didn't even say the company name, just said she was calling from human resources. I didn't think anything of it but decided to search the address since I didn't remember hearing a company name - bingo! So grateful for this blog!

Anonymous said...

Solarc, Inc. of Las Vegas, NV. They do sales for Century Link. They are another Cydcor Affiliate. Perhaps one of the newest. Not many reviews on their incredibly deceitful hiring practices.

Kilo said...

Mein Gott im Himmel. Thank you, Sully, for this insightful blog post! I was supposed to have an interview with Strategic Campaigns an hour ago for an 'Account Manager' position. My boyfriend was suspicious before I was, but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. Something in the back of my mind made me want to Google the company at the last minute, though, and oh my God.. I'm so glad I didn't go. As someone who's quite introverted, sensitive, and doesn't want to be bothered myself, the last thing I want to do is door-to-door sales! Not to mention the risk posed by walking around alone and intruding on random strangers' homes. I could fight if I needed to, but I don't particularly want to have to do that. Although I don't know exactly if I would have been doing door-to-door shit necessarily, but I'll be damned if I even touch a sleazy company like that with a 39½-foot pole D:

If you've ever read The Dionaea House by Eric Heisserer, the companies described very much remind me of the house in that story, right down to the sucking-out of your soul. Gahhh. *shudder*

I'm also a writer and performer of electro-industrial music, and I've been blocked for lyric ideas to put with some of my tracks.. if anything, these flytrap clone-businesses would be pretty awesome inspiration for a cyberpunk tune. I suppose I'll give 'em that. ;P

Kilo said...

By the way:

Defined Industries
Dynamic Business Group
Dynamic Acquisitions
Worldwide Acquisitions
Strategic Campaigns
Intrinsic Consulting
Vantage Point Consulting
Keen Marketing Solutions
Warrington Management Group
Virtuous Solutions
Distinctive Solutions
Global Innovations
US Innovative Strategies

^ Is there anything about these names that looks computer-generated to anyone else? It reminds me of those 'Find Your Porn Star Name!' online quiz things that people used to post on their Xangas when I was in high school. xD I think I'm going to be aware of any name that looks like this from now on.

Anonymous said...

You just saved me SO much time and gas money :O
Thank you for creating this blog. I am quite young and had not realized that "marketing" job scams were so prevalent. I will definitely keep referring back to this blog for updates.

Anonymous said...

I worked at a Cydcor ICL (independent corporate licensee) for over a year. While I think the opportunity they offer to own your own business is largely BS (some ICL owners/managers really do want you to own your own business, and thus strive to give you the tools to realize that ownership, but quite a few of them just want your labor and the cut they get from your sales), this was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

An overwhelming majority of you seem to think you're entitled to certain job perquisites, and that's a shame. People that can hack it in an ICL are golden in my book, or anyone's book for that matter; this job shows you what you're made of and gives you the rare ability to persevere despite overwhelming adversity.

Would I make a career out of something like this? Hell no. It's a dead-end job with virtually no employer-investment. However, one year at an ICL sets you up for life. It gives one the intangibles that so many employers look for but rarely find in those who scoff at jobs like this.

Arman oDesk said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

The company that I was involved with, Global Net, has changed their name to ‘Kreative Client Solutions’. They are still associated with the same company: Blue Ocean Outsource Ltd. Company Reg no: 08437993, and trade under the address: Kreative Client Solutions, Angel House, 3rd Floor, 225 Marsh Wall, South Quay, London, E14 9FW
Avoid them!
Here's a list I'm compiling of all of them:

Archie Bunker said...

Appco/Cobra, PerDm, Cydcor, Smart Circle, DS-Max etc. are just tentacles of the global direct sales cult known to some as Devilcorp.

If you go to you will find a plethora of links to news reports, government rulings, lawsuits and video footage showing how these people do business.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Good site.

Anonymous said...

Funny. Hope it worked out in the end.

Tony M. said...

Good post.

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