Thursday, December 03, 2009

"A Visit to the Hairdresser's" - Part II


When I shared my lament about how tortuous I find the obligatory chit-chat with barbers, it was before I had strolled past a stall at a Milwaukee mall shilling 'As-Seen-On-TV' Contraptions and noticed the 'Aircut' product.

Just now, as I was responding to the comments on that post, I thought it would be appropriate to make a reference to it, so I Googled my way over to the website:

The website is filled with the usual hilarity associated with these TV offers:

Stock photos used to show that it's suitable for just about everybody!

Graphs to show you that you can't afford not to use the product!

Overly effusive testimonies extolling the virtues of the product! (Interestingly, 7 out of 9 testimonies are from Wisconsin based users - could it be that the inventor's family and friends have kind words to share?)

Some 'hard sell' copy that really stretches to fill the 'Top 10 reasons to get this product' list...

Hang on a tick...

No more conversing with barbers? Let me just get my credit card.


Jo said...
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Jason said...

Oh snap

Sully said...

@Jason - sorry to have orphaned your comment, I'm just pruning spam.

Readers, please know that unless your comments are earnestly trying to sell me penis-enlargement paraphernalia or look as though they were put there by bots, they won't be deleted. Even if your comment is designed only to inform me that I amthe putrid syphilitic afterbirth of a chinese back alley gang fuck.

Russ said...

Sully- I couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks for the endorsment(?) and screenshots of our product. what brought you to Milwaukee? You know, we ship to Ireland...I'd love to see an order from you :). Won't do anything for enlargement or what results in back alleys, but it will give you a perfect haircut. Thanks!
~Russ, Social Media Brat, AirCut

Sully said...

Russ, thanks for the comment! (It brought to my attention that I had mangled the URL to your site originally, it's been fixed now)

Good sir - if you change the tagline on your product's site to 'The Ideal Gift For the Misanthropic Gentleman In Your Life' for a mere 24 hours - you've got yourself a sale (and a follow-up blog entry!).

I eagerly await your response.

Russ said...

Ha ha! Seems a steep price for a single sale. "Misanthropic" is a nasty bit of phraseology...maybe I could give you "cautiously cynical" or "aggressively introverted" for 12 hours. The only advantage to your verbiage would be that a decent slice of people may not know the definition of misanthropic. :)

Best of luck to you with your continued trips to the barber and enjoy your holiday season! ~Russ