Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Teeth-whitening Mom, 7 months on

Back in April, I wrote a blog post bemoaning how advertisers, when pimping their healthcare products, would sooner tout their affiliation with some lone nutter making concoctions in a bathtub, than admit to the involvement of a team of elitist, educated, clipboart-toting, labcoat-wearing, science-doin' sons a bitches.

One of the examples used was an advertisement for teeth-whitening products:

"Read the trick" it exhorted, "discovered by a mom to turn yellow teeth white". Doesn't that sound like a splendid idea? Sadly, the only mothers I trust are single mothers, so I ignored this ad back in the day.

But lo, what's this I see in my browser window?

Not only is this person a mom (thus eliminating the possibility of her being part of the evil Big-Pharma conspiracy to poison us all), but she's single, and therefore much more deserving of my money and attention!

If only I didn't have a policy of only taking teeth-whitening advice from black single moms... With peg-legs.

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