Sunday, February 21, 2010

All aboard the discipline ship

I like lent. I've told you this before.

I'll take a pass the dogma from the kiddy-fiddler-facilitators who promulgate the practice, but I quite like the seasonal imperative to impose a bit of self-restraint.

Not only that, but it always makes for a few fun conversations with friends and acquaintances: from the initial announcement of the overly-ambitious lenten vow, to the cognitive dissonance reduction that transpires once those few salvos of weakness cause significant structural damage to the discipline-ship, and the entire endeavour is scrapped.

This lent, like the last lent I blogged about (2 whole years ago), to celebrate the forty days and forty nights of rain that God used to begin his creation anew (I prefer the models that you shake to start again), I'm putting a stop to my habit of guzzling sweet, sweet carbonated beverages.

Since most significant events in my life are logged on this blog, I looked it up: I announced the last soda fast on March 6th 2008 - two weeks since my last Coke, and I caved in to temptation on May 11th when illness and exams got the better of me.

This duration is impressive in hindsight - especially considering I've gone three days without a Coke and I still feel the need to yammer about my abstinence to bolster my resolve.

Like the Lenten-teetotallers who perseverate over the proper course of action to take on a St Patrick's Day that will cruelly take place during the planned dry-spell, I too am wondering how my self-governance will cope during my upcoming trip to the States and its bountiful supplies of the elixir known as Mountain Dew.

Who else is joining in the forgoing fun of Lent? (Got any good special pleadings to share so I can score some 'Dew?)


Sully said...

Also, can anybody explain to me why I find the concept of New Year's resolutions absurd, yet I find lent so compelling?

Gamma Goblin said...

I like the idea of anti-Lent, where you do something to excess for 40 days. I find the results much more satisfying, and long lasting. You might die of course, but this just makes the idea sexier!

Jason said...

Maybe you find Lent compelling because it's temporary - a test of will, a discipline thing - and New Year's absurd because it's more about grandiose life changes.

That, or you just a crazy nicca

strange-young-man said...

Lent is about Jesus fasting in the desert for 40 days and nights, not the great flood as you have alluded.
Just a heads up.

Sully said...

Don't be stupid. Fasting in the desert for 40 days? That's impossible.

Strange-Young-Man said...

Of course it is, but you should at least get what you want to criticise right. No need to give your opposition ammo,right?
Besides that, its just as likely as the bibles depiction of a great flood.