Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where has Sully been?

It's been a phenomenal few months, and Toronto has been exceedingly kind to me, providing me opportunities to enjoy great friends, a great job, and a good life in general.

That's not what Sully's blog was ever about, so I won't go into it until everything starts to fall to pieces and there's something of interest in there to you sadistic die-hards.

Updates have dried up here while I endeavour to somehow make money writing about videogames, and today I actually have something to show for this dearth of updates.

My first published piece on IGN.com - one of the websites that impressed upon me that I wanted to write about videogames in the first place.

The Evolution of Xbox Live Arcade

This has been a bucket-list item for years, so I'm hugely excited to see it finally happen (within about 3 months of trying, too!)

To follow the rest of my videogame writing updates, keep an eye on Sully.ie

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