Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"The Walking D**k of Limerick"

I got a new job about 10 months ago. Shortly after joining, my new boss mentioned that he tried Googling my name, and was unable to wade through all the boxers, bakers and bishops that share my common-as-muck name.

Probably a good thing too, since had he dug deeper, he could have found the dire warning I just stumbled across on “Ripoff Report”, filed to "Questionable Activities", hoping to reach "Potential Employers, Business Owners, Jobseekers, Scam, Extortion, Internet".

The full text reads:
Anyone notice the guy in the images below? If you're a potential employer or business owner with the unfortunate occurrence of interacting with this person - BEWARE. This person has a dedicated blog designed to "expose" anything that may disrupt his fragile emotional state.

If you're a potential employer and are found interviewing this person: he is NOT interested in working for you. However, HE IS interesting in ruining your reputation and your livelihood for his own personal gain. This guy actually runs a blog designed to trash legitimate businesses. The goal? For financial gain. He IS willing to remove the information for a cost (i.e., extortion).
If you're a small business owner and are providing services or products for this individual: He is NOT interested in paying for it. He IS interested in running your company and products down on his blog in a malicious attempt to gain free services.
..... He even boasts that he "never pays for his meal at a restaurant." He's actually known as the Walking d**k of Limerick as his scam is well known locally.

Seán O'Sullivan is nothing more than a small time crook/scam artist posting misleading information to disrupt the commerce of legitimate enterprises while maliciously seeking financial compensation for his criminal behavior.

Avoid this person at all costs.

The above is obviously untrue - this blog has been used to run down spurious products, but certainly not in an attempt to gain “free services”, nor have I ever attempted to seek financial compensation for adding or removing content.

But you probably would do well to avoid me at all costs all the same.

At the risk of digging in deeper and upsetting more people... this RipoffReport site seems to heavily push you towards their "contest this filing" feature, which seems like a business model page taken from a revenge porn site.

My gut reaction when I saw this was that I had upset someone with my postings about dodgy products. Seeing that the filing came from Antrim in February 2011 made me wonder if it was prompted by one of the following:

After reading through more of the post, I realized that most of the content could have been scraped from my Blogger profile and put into a pre-made script, but Googling generic snippets of the above revealed no new hits.

I should admit that it brings me some sense of satisfaction that someone tried to hurt me in this small way, and it took me over five years to notice.

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