Friday, September 22, 2006

Big Gay Day of Fun in Pittsburgh!

Being an exchange student, the school are constantly going out of their way to "make Robert Morris a home away from home", which basically involves treating us like Kings!

Well, Kings that get the occasional free meal and a trip to Pittsburgh...

They took us for an example of "Fine American Dining", which was....

An Italian Restaurant!

Following this fine feed, we went up the Duquesne Incline. What is it you ask? Let's see what Wikipedia has to say on the matter...

"The Incline's original purpose was to take cargo up and down Mt Washington in the late
1800s. It then became available for passenger use to workers on Mt. Washington who tired of walking up footpaths to the top ... as time went on, more roads could be built up Mt. Washington, and most inclines were closed. In the 1940s, only the Monongahela Incline and the Duquesne Incline were left."

Glad that's cleared up, eh? Basically, you sit in a little carriaige, and it goes up an insanely steep hill by means of a few flimsy looking cables, while those who are afraid of heights crap their pants and pray to their respective gods.

At the top, there was a lousy gift-shop and a World War 1 Monument, none of which I feel are worth publishing pictures of. There was a nice view of the city of Pittsburgh, however, which gave rise to rather splendid pics like this one.

However, I did succumb to tempation and spend $0.51 on a machine that mashes a penny into this shape - but I got ripped off! Claire's penny was cleaner when she put it in, and the machine actually managed to hit the right spot... Here's what I mean.

See the two shiny penneys? Then the crappy one that's been completely missed by the machine? Guess which one is mine?

We didn't really venture any further into the city, and returned back to the campus, so me and Tom could go and indulge in some manly-man-pastimes; go to a Baseball game!
(watch this space!)

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