Friday, September 08, 2006

New York? Again?

Greetings all! Allow me to take a break from my homework while I tell you all about my labour-day weekend in New York with Andrea, Gráinne and Shane. Sorry to chronicle more about New York before mentioning Moon Township, but such is life!

Monday morning I flew out to JFK airport, and was able to make my way to Queens more or less effortlessly thanks to New York's rather handy subway system. I met the lads outside a dodgy-donut shop, and we went back to Andrea's place to pose for crappy photographs;

The picture makes the apartment seem more 'cosy' than it should

We hung out for a few hours, before setting off into the pissing rain to take the Staten Island Ferry, so Shane and Grá could get a little closer to the Statue of Liberty.

Visibility was diddly-squat with the terrible weather, so we distracted ourselves by taking pictures of each other taking pictures of each other.


We stayed on Staten Island for about four minutes, just about long enough to take this picture, which doesn't really illustrate just how rainy and windy it was. (Kudos to Shane though, for baring an even ratio of teeth to gums)

You're reading this boring blog entry rather than doing something important with your life - you pillock

We also went to Time Square that night and ate at McDonalds - we would've eaten at TGI Friday's but, the lads were too busy pinching their pennies! Shortly after filling ourselves with some 'food', I took this picture of Shane (he's the hooded, potential sexual deviant to the bottom-centre of the photograph)

Nice how he kinda blends in, eh?

The following day was spent at a mall in Jersey, where I bought the book 'Jarhead' by Anthony Swofford (impressions coming soon, if you're interested), and Viewtiful Joe for the DS (for $20! Twenty Dollars!)

The day after that was filled with yet even more New Yorkage!




Glamour Shots!
Glamour Shots!


The brige in question is, of course, the Brooklyn Bridge - I have a really awful blurry picture of it from afar, so I'd rather show you these ones.

The entire weekend afforded me with a rare opportunity to engage in some high culture with some intellectual heavyweights, as this video ascertains.

As retarded as this may make Gráinne look (sorry Grá - maybe if you started reading the blog sooner...), I assure you that these just happen to be the two stupid things I managed to record (and I instigated the tonguing of the napkin thing, cos a man's gotta pass the time somehow, damnit!).


Sully said...

Oh, and in case you're wondering - I didn't pick the frame you see before you click play on the video. YouTube automatically selects the frame from the middle of the video - but in this instance I really like what landed in the middle!

Nancy said...

Why does Shane look like a Paki in all the photos (Its ok I can say Paki cos Im not a racist and its just meant ironically. Or something.) Also Sully have you said Cunt in America yet, Larry David-style..?

Sean H said...

You can take the woman out of the mountains/country but... well you get the idea.