Sunday, November 19, 2006

I believe I can fly

So I fly to Wisconsin tomorrow, (well, today actually - my flight is in about 12 hours), and I've been told that because this is the weekend before Thanksgiving, I should expect a lot of hassle and queueing at the airport. I have been flying a lot in the past few months, and every time I'm in an airport, the security staff seem to get that little bit more suspicious of me...

5 bucks (€3.89) says that tomorrow I'm gonna get a latex-gloved-finger shoved into every orifice I know of (and probably a few I don't).

This is a real-time alert, and at the time of writing, it says Elevated - which isn't bad, I suppose - it cracks me up reading these things; so here are the others!
I'm pretty sure it was orange a month ago last time I went to Wisconsin

Since the current alert is in third position out of five, does that mean that the chances of my plane being hijacked and crashed into some goverment building do not exceed 60%? Maybe someone can explain it to me in the comments.

Perverse as it may sound, I'm actually looking forward to flying when it's on "Severe"... I mean, I've been pretty lucky up til now, and I'd fancy my chances!

Well hey, if things go horribly wrong, and this is my last blog post - look on the bright side - you won't ever be in the awkward position of having to answer me asking if you've read my most recent, poorly-articulated drivel!

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