Monday, November 27, 2006


Northwest Airlines is the ugly-step sister to the other pretty decent people-carriers that the American aviation industry has to offer. The flight crew seems to consist of 'has-been' air-hostesses, who have exhausted their pleasant demeanours and warm smiles whilst working with other airlines... a century ago. The gentleman behind me was screamed at to sit down during the safety demonstration (which is a load of balls, because in all fairness, if this plane hits cold hard ground, nobody's going to worry about inflatable ramps or emergency ramps, but rather, "Whose head is this by my feet? Oh wait, mine, nevermind..."), and he was told that FAA regulations mean that he has just broken the law by 'interrupting' the "important announcements".


It wouldn't be so bad if they were anyway decent looking mind, at least that'd mean that there'd be at least something pleasant about interacting with them, but alas...

To be honest, I'm just bitter because I'm sitting at the back of the plane, and there is an absolutely woeful noise coming out of the engine; so much so that if it were to just cut out altogether, I dare say I'd see the positive side of it. It's a hideous, deafening, monotonous droning, (much akin to how my own voice has been described, incidentially) and when the turbines slow, you can actually hear the propellors chugging on each individual rotation... Even with my headphones in, and the laptop turned up to full volume, I cannot escape the racket.

Funny, I just realised how adept I am at complaining, so let's balance this post out with some postive stuff - I'm happy that I didn't have to transfer in Chicago on my way over and back to Wisconsin. I'm also happy that the airline operates as NWA, even if it reminds me that the air-worthiness of this plane (which is comparable to that of a pear that's been flung from a large-sized elastic band) means that I might be seeing Eazy-E sooner rather than later...

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