Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Big Brother Blues

I think I've established myself as a pretty harsh character by this stage; an openly nitpicky, disillusioned, pedantic, petty, vindictive, aggressive, narcissistic, cynical, handsome son of a bitch, who will gleefully launch an all-out attack on whatever minor infraction of rationality that comes his way.

It's possible that this blog hasn't quite exposed me as being all these things, but those who know me best assure me that the majority of the above paragraph is true. Believe it or not, despite my hardassedness, (a reference to my disposition, not buttocks), there do exist people who are willing to spend time with me. Voluntarily! Some clamour for my time and attention.

Like my little brother, for example. Don't believe me? This is a voicemail I got one day when I broke a promise I didn't remember making.

Chilling, no? At only 7 years old, he has not only mastered the use of mobile telecommunications devices, but also the life-skill of exploiting human folly, brute-forcing guilt upon his target with a combination of strong rhetoric and sheer adorability.

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