Friday, February 01, 2008

The University of Limerick "Our Frugality is your Frustration!"

One thing that has become abundantly clear from all my dealings with my beloved University is this: they go out of their way to hire the stupidest people on the earth to handle any task that doesn't involve academia. If you want a laugh, go through all the wrongs I have endured at the University of Limerick (there are some unadulterated joys in there, also) by clicking the 'University of Limerick' label at the bottom of this post. 

But let's not dwell in the past eh? The reason you're reading this is because I have a new reason for ridiculing the University, trivial as it may be. I present to you, a dire warning designed to fend off the boldest of parkers, located in a picturesque laneway not far from the main hub of campus activity.

I know, I know. I'm really dealing with minutiae at this stage, but I'm holding the University to standards! Basic English language standards! Let's look at the tally: in the past few months alone there's been a leak in the library; the timetables weren't available at the start of the last semester; I 'failed' out of college because they lost track of where I was; the exam results weren't available intermittently for a few days after their advertised release... Oh well, maybe I'm just bitter because they sent me to Belgium for a five-month shit scrubbing marathon!

Maybe all of this is a good thing. Perhaps the money the administrative staff save in letting their drooling dyslexic daughters make signs (among other duties) frees up cash that can be used to woo the greatest educators in the world to our humble university...

Or perhaps not.


Sully said...

Other potential titles for this blog included
'UL - "Cheep and Chearful"'
'In an Illeague of their own?'
'Here's a novel twist: I'm going to complain about something for a change!'

Diarmuid O'Sullivan said...

I liked 'In an Illeague of their own?' myself. Well spotted