Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lazy YouTube Post, anybody?

Sadly, I'm not as finely tuned to the needs of my regular readers as I'd like, but I thought I'd post this all the same.

I always find it strange watching cartoons I loved as a child with the heightened critical faculties of adulthood. Some fare pretty well, like old episodes of The Simpsons. Others, not so well, like this cartoon based on one of my favourite games at the time, Sonic the Hedgehog. I had completely forgotten about the section in which viewers are taught life-lessons in an incredibly heavy-handed manner, so watching this handful of clips just struck me as hilarious for some reason. Each clip is only 30 seconds, so give 'em a chance!

With the benefit of hindsight, I realise the possibility that I learned to be a stickler for proper spelling and grammar through a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog. I still enjoy watching Sonic correct the spelling of 'Sonic Sez'. I even ripped off his patronising wink and thumbs up.

Sharing is good, kids. Middle management is even better, because you can take from both parties and not actually provide anything yourself!

Sonic sounds exceptionally 'Boyz in The Hood' at the end of this one.

'Special people'. Good for pointing out the obvious. Slowly.

Don't run away from home. But told through a confusing analogy with a robotic monkey.

Sonic's message to Catholic schoolchildren proved too little too late (yeah, yeah - I know - cheap shot).

Okay last one for now, I promise:

He just rhymed "fool" with "cool". Genius.

Bonus: Why Sully is a teetotaller. (Spolier: cos he ain't no dumb-bot!)

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