Friday, January 02, 2009

I'm Gay for Tim Minchin

Yes, dear readers, I'm starting the new year of posting with a rather lazy video dump. But what a video dump!

Funny songs on YouTube aren't exactly hard to come by - so much so that I now automatically begrudge anybody who sends me a link along with a message exhorting me to spend three minutes of my life watching some guy make lazy rhymes about a topic that is easily ridiculed. When somebody recommended a video by Tim Minchin - a guy I had never heard about, it took until the recommender pushed the fact that the song espouses critical thinking before I clicked the link. I watched the video, enjoyed it immensely, but then forgot all about him.

A few days later, another video by Minchin surfaced on a blog I read regularly, which also made for an enjoyable few minutes, but it wasn't until I heard a beat poem by him just now that I decided I had to spread the good word of the talented Mr Minchin.

The first two videos are two-to-three minutes in length and good fun, but the third is the real gem - a 10 minute beat poem that should resonate with anybody who has ever fought the urge to yell 'codswallop' and challenging the inane notions of some new-age wackaloon that they've met whilst among polite company.

The audio quality is horrible, and (as anyone who has ever tried to get me to watch a crappy pirated DVD knows) I'm a huge snob for production values, but I still couldn't tear myself away from Minchin's effortless genius.

Please to enjoy:

"If you open your mind too much..."

I don't want to say much about this - only that it's very NSFW

Storm (this is the one I was raving about). Since Storm has been kicked off Youtube, I've instead embedded another enjoyable song, and since you've already put 10 minutes aside, why not give it a shot?


Jason said...

The third video's been taken down, unfortunately...

Sully said...

Gah! Don't YouTube ever think of the lazy bloggers?