Monday, January 26, 2009

Spreading the link-love

It's occurred to me recently that I should put a bit more effort into this blog - not only by updating more regularly, but also by getting more involved with the blogging community, as I've generally only linked to blogs from friends of mine, or ridiculed some anonymous bastard.

I do lament that the timing of this announcement is sufficiently close to the start of the new year to have that 'resolution' odiousness about it, but I've been debating for a while as to what the best approach is - is it better to have a few substantial posts a month, or constant dribs and drabs? I'd like to get your feedback in the comments, as I certainly find the least interesting part of a blog to be the bits when the author is warbling about how great other people are...

... Except when those 'other people' are me, of course - Stephen Spillane's My Opinion is a blog that makes me feel genuinely ashamed, such is the man's prolific updating schedule (59 posts in 2009 already!). He's a technophile and a political-junkie (which seems to make up the bulk of his content), and gay, which discrimination-be-damned makes me more interested in what he has to say, because he represents a rather under-represented group. Twice now he's linked my way, but I've yet to reciprocate, because it wasn't how I rolled - guess it is now!

Damien Mulley's blog strikes me as being the epicentre of Irish blogging - (like I said, I've yet to officially join this subculture, I could be off somewhat) but after being impressed by a talk on blogging he gave at UCC, I approached him to dole out some more sage-like wisdom, and found him an agreeable chap. His blog also revolves around technical stuff and political punditry, which is right up my alley, and it also helps that he is one sharp mofo.

I'm not interested in local affairs, so it naturally follows that local papers hold little appeal, but John Hogan's Stuff & Nonsense column each week in the Limerick Leader makes for a cracking read - he has that pitch perfect irreverence that amuses me regardless of how little I know/care about the topic at hand. When the venerable Mr Hogan, possibly trying to fill a final paragraph, closed one such column by promoting his blog, I knew I couldn't not include it when I finally got around to acknowledging that mine isn't the only blog in the world.

Okay, by now, all four of my regular readers are probably a bit discombobulated - my inability to play with others probably means you're wondering why the blue-clicky-text doesn't lead to Fin's blog. Well, maybe it's best you go there now and see what he got up to when he went to see that black geezer getting inaugurated last week.

Best to start with baby-steps.

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Stephen said...

"technophile and a political-junkie" with too much time on his hands is how I would describe myself! Hello from Brussels and thanks for the link and the glowing reference! :)