Tuesday, May 26, 2009

James Randi - The Carlos Caper

It's been a busy few weeks, so it's time to fall back on that staple of blogging - regurgitating YouTube videos that I've enjoyed!

In his pair of latest YouTube videos James Randi, skeptic extraordinaire has been describing an ambitious hoax played on the Australian people by feeding the mainstream media with (easily debunked) false information about a made-up 'channeler'.

I found the 16 minutes or so of viewing quite astonishing, as it illustrates how easily the media could be played, partly (once can assume) because the demand for such nonsense was through the roof.

Of course, looking at that archived footage, one has to wonder: would this hoax work in this era of the information age?

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SeanH said...

I had to watch most of that with the video off screen. The guy looks like a caricature of Darwin and it freaks me out!