Friday, August 25, 2006

Even more Shenanigans from the Empire State!

Greetings! I'm cracking away again, trying to clear the 'backlog' of what I want to get said about my sight-seey business before I get onto other pressing issues such as observations about the USA, and focusing on those small cultural differences that jump out at me on a daily basis. To be honest, this blog is as much for me to keep a record of what I'm up to as much as it is for me to not have to e-mail people with news and pictures and whatnot.

So then! Still in New York? You betcha! On Thursday last I got to check out some hot Touristy Spots. Only problem; I left my Camera's Memory card in my Laptop, meaning that I only had the camera's internal memory to work off of for the entire day! There was much forehead slapping, believe you me...

So after a hearty breakfast of bagels with vegetable cream cheese (which is nice) Maureen and I once again ventured into the city. What'd we see again? Oh yeah...

(Note the guy oblivious to what everyone's looking at)

(These low-angle shots really aren't very flattering)

Liberty Island was pretty cool... We barely made the last ferry, so by the time we got out there it wasn't possible to go into the statue, or get a tour, but I wasn't really that bothered because with the lack of SD-card and my terrible memory, I'd probably just be wasting my money anyways. I did manage to get this shot, however, which I quite like.

So what else did I get up to that day? Why I took in a show on Broadway, of course!
After Maureen twisted my arm a little, I agreed to go see Chicago, expecting it to be a completely female-oriented waste of $110. Man, was I wrong! The songs were pretty enjoyable, the actors somehow managed to theatrically over-act while still reeling the audience in, laughing at the numerous hilarious sequences and feeling blue when the time came. It was quite a spectacle - hot girls (and guys!) in skimpy outfits cavorting around the stage for two and a half hours or so. Long story short, I'd recommend it. Just for the sake of adding another pic, here's one I took on Tuesday when we bought the tickets (it's this blurry because I was walking while shooting).

After this, I wandered around the rather bright Times Square at night, and took this photograph, which once again, just does not capture the sheer impressiveness of the scene.

For no good reason, here are some of the other things of interest I photographed while in Manhattan.

Here's Trump Tower.

Here's another shot from the top of the Empire State Building. It just gives you a better sense of the skyline.

This be the front of the Empire State.

This is Madison Square Garden, I didn't go in or anything, and even walked past it without even realising the first time I was here. It pretty much sits on top of Penn Station, the station I mention in one of my earlier posts.

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April said...

I found your site as I was browsing for info on New York, guess you have the keyword owned on this post! I'm creating my 'wish list' travel favorites, and felt like I was there for a bit through your pictures. Kudos on the pics, thanks.