Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Story Begins

To all of those who thought that my incessant Bebo-blog ranting was a passing fad, it must pain you to see the existence of this webpage. However, nobody is forcing you to read this, so feel free to do something more constructive with your time!

So here's the deal, it's 21.40 on Monday Evening, I'm at Maureen's house in Long Island, NY, and I figured I'd detail what I've been up to these past few days.


Travelling was a cinch. Apart from my laptop bag being checked a second time before I got on the plane and the whole liquid embargo, the whole affair was a breeze. Drinks on the plane were free and the guy I was talking to wasn't a total nutcase! So far so good, eh? Plane arrived before schedule, bag came out very soon on the conveyor belt, so all in all it could be considered a great start.

Meeting up with Maureen at the airport, I caught my first glimpse of a Yellow New York taxi. The novelty soon wore off as I literally saw hundreds of them over the coming days. The day was spent complaining about the obscene heat and humidity, being scared witless on the NY roads, shopping and sweating. Met Maureen's Grandmother that night. Apparently I'm "a good fit for the family".



Tuesday was a long day. Took the train to Manhattan Island, and coming out of the station was quite an experience. An escalator takes you to street level, and the higher the escalator gets, the more of the city you see. As I got nearer to street level, there was one building in particular that seemed to keep stretching, the more I saw of it. Straight after I went to the Empire State Building and took some photos... Such as this one...

And this one!

Following this we went for some Dunkin' Donuts (mmmmnn), checked out Times Square (where they were recording TRL at MTV studios) and ate at a pretty terrible Italian Fast Food place.

Great, no? Check back over the coming days and I'll tell you even more about my exploits in the US.

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