Thursday, August 24, 2006

More of the Craic from New York

Central Park
While in Manhattan Island on Tuesday, I had to check out Central Park.
So I did!

Part of the fun was the wildlife that roamed free in the park. Such as this little squirrel, eating a discarded Tortilla Chip:

While I was there, I was adamant about seeing that big fountain that seems to appear in every movie set in New York with a romantic theme (such as Mr.Deeds). So here it is, complete with female adornment!

The best part about being in the park is how it frames that famous skyline. I was lucky to get a pretty sunny day for picture taking purposes, but it is an odd juxtaposition, seeing lush greenery as far as the eye can see, but then by raising your eyes just a little you realise that you are not far from commercialism and industry at all.

Y'see what I mean, right?

After walking around enough in my new boots (which seemingly weren't made for walkin'), I developed a blister on my heel that pretty much covered the whole thing.

Later that night we went to Brooklyn and met up with Matt, Maureen's brother, who is quite the character. This guy can start a conversation with you in Irish and lead you along a predetermined conversation path so it seems as though he actually knows what the hell he's on about. He also puts on a fairly spot on Irish accent that he uses for picking up chicks. If it were anyone else I'd consider this behaviour as a product of a self esteem deficit, but when Matt does it, it's hilarious and endearing! The three of us ate at a rather good Café and I got a tipping tutorial. All in all, a good day. Got to ride the subway too, which was fun... Until I realised that Maureen didn't have a clue where the hell each train was taking us. Every destination we reached safely was a pleasant surprise!

Just for the hell of it, here's a poor shot of Manhattan from Brooklyn. It looked absolutely stunning at nighttime, but my camera just doesn't perform in night-time conditions (which may explain the expression on my face).

Believe it or not - this is what the photo looks like after I dicked around with it in Photoshop to try and drag out the lights a bit. Feel free to click here to see what it looked like before my input.

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