Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A reason to be excited!

Why hello there!

So here's the latest. I'm in Pennsylvania! After two days of being without my luggage, JetBlue airways finally managed to send my suitcase onto me - sans handle. Bastards! They won't even compensate me for making bits of it either. They have, however, given me a $30 voucher for my next flight (big whoop), and I was allowed to spend up to $125 dollars on what I needed over those two days, so it's not all bad. Only problem is I've to figure out a way over to the airport to pick up said wad of cash... Might kick up a stink while I'm there and try and get that bag replaced - I'm pretty torn up over it!

Anyways - I've been on campus six days now, and I'm pretty settled in. In the coming days I might upload a video showing my dorm, or maybe even the campus itself, if I'm feeling ambitious that is (probably have to be done on a weekend though - rather than me looking like a spanner while people are trying to find their way to class).

Had my first lectures today. First was Journalism Production, which seems like it'll be a lot of work, but it should be interesting enough. I also had General Psychology this afternoon, it was great. The lecturer isn't quite as eccentric as I'd like, but he is quite hilarious. I was warned by someone in my building that he likes to play pranks on the first day, so I was expecting something funny. So everybody's waiting for class to begin, and the lecturer walks in, doesn't say a word, turns on the computer, and turns on the powerpoint presentation, the first slide comes up;

"Advanced Calculus and Chemical Engineering"

As he starts to hold up his calculator two guys jump up and literally run for the door, he stops them and explains that he was just testing to see how the class would react.

This guy should make the coming semester a little more interesting!

And in other news.....


So close I can almost smell Hurley's perma-armpit-stain!

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