Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Aid the ailing Irish Tourism industry... yank at a time!

Things like this cause me to reflect on how great the internet is. Just a few moments ago, I received the following message on Facebook:


My name is Francesca. I was trying to find something helpful on facebook about Ireland because I will be going there this August with my boyfriend, and I happened to stumble across your profile and saw you were from Limerick and also happen to live in Pittsburgh!

I know this is completely random, but neither of us have gone to Ireland before and I can definitely use all the insight I can get.

We're flying into Shannon and that's all I have for plans right now, haha. But if you have a moment to shoot a random stranger a message on fun places to go, stay, or drink, that would be amazing.

Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you.

I hate it when foreigners ask me questions like this, purely because it exposes my ignorance - I didn't start taking any interest in any of our fine tourist traps sites until my (foreign) girlfriend got a fit of impetuousness at the prospect of watching DVDs for a solid fortnight and decreed that we had to take pictures of ourselves in front of some lush scenery.

Mission accomplished!

Sorry about that, but now that I've got your attention again, perhaps you can chip in? Do you know of any spots that ought to be recommended? It must be the boredom speaking, but I want to be genuinely helpful to this woman, rather than sending off a reply consisting only of hyperlink.

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Anonymous said...

Aillwee Cave & Burren