Thursday, April 23, 2009

They try, gawdblessem

Saw this on the Limerick Leader's website a minute ago:

Prostrate cancer? That's the worst kind he could possibly get! Being one of Limerick's most loved richest men, he finds himself at the receiving end of a great deal of prostration every day, (not least from this very article).

Just in case you missed it (which you probably did, given how little attention you pay to my warblings), I'm trying to draw your eye to the rather unfortunate typo. You may now study the following diagram, which I've created for Limerick Leader sub-editors and lay-men alike:

If this seems unnecessarily cruel and jeersome, it's probably the residual bitterness shining through from the time they posted an article of mine online and botched the first sentence. "Perjotive?" That's not even a real word! I was correctly typed on the version I sent in!

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