Friday, April 03, 2009

Everybody, get Randi!

I'm glad to announce that James Randi Educational Foundation's YouTube account has been reinstated, along with a note making my rather shrill, profanity-laden rant some bit unnecessary. I'm inclined to argue that the content of my chest-relieving that relates to people who take offense to exhortations of rationality still holds true, so I'm not too red-faced about my response, particularly considering the importance of net-neutrality.

I'm disgusted to note that the video I recalled fondly in that previous rant is still unavailable, and eager to point out that while that video references a 'terms of use violation' when it doesn't play, the videos that I've had removed refer to copyright infringement (and occasionally, the copyright holders themselves), which fuelled my suspicions somewhat that the legions of Internet-tards were to blame.


We're pleased to announce that our YouTube channel is back online.

Our account had been suspended by YouTube due to some copyright complaints on a handful of videos we had uploaded. The videos in question have been removed, the proper hoops have been jumped through, and YouTube restored the account. We are currently going though our inventory to make sure any videos that we even suspect might be in violation are removed. There are 200+ of them, so it'll take us some time, but we're on it.

I'd like to thank all our supporters once again for the outcry when this happened. But I'll also gently chide some of you: there were many rumors, accusations, and conclusions jumped-to when our account was taken down. As you can see, no one was attacking us, and no one acted unfairly - the complainants were within their rights, and YouTube acted according to their rules. In fact, when we started conversing with one of the complainants and with YouTube, everyone acted in a civilized and even friendly manner. The matter was resolved quickly and, I think, to everyone's satisfaction.

Since we're on the subject of skepticism, I see no harm in posting the following video which nicely summarises the issues I have with people who cry 'closed-mindedness' when I don't believe that their dead grandmother helped them pass their driving test (for example).

After sharing this on Facebook, I've a greater appreciation for how esoteric a subject critical thinking is, which disheartens me immensely. What do you think? I for one think that thinking is important, and I reckon that the world would be a better place if people thought about how they think.

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