Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Zero Punctuation Reviews Tales of Monkey Island

This might be a tad esoteric, but after witnessing this review of a 'revitalisation' to the Monkey Island series I thought it'd be worth sharing here.

Not in the mood for watching a video about a game series from my childhood that shaped my sense of humour? Well, then you'll have to watch it for the splendidly racist portrayal of Irish people courtesy of an Australia-based Brit.


Yes, I'm embarrassed of my blog. said...

Was he speaking rather quickly or am I just thick?

Gamma Goblin said...

I don't understand that Zero Punctuation thing... there is clearly punctuation in his monologue. Maybe he just means no full stops and even that is a bit shady, as he clearly intonates the ending of each sentence, he just doesn't pause.

Sully said...

Perhaps by 'Zero Punctuation' he means 'Minimal punctuation and a speaking-pace that thwarts American listeners'.

I like Zero Punctuation, but now that I've admitted to liking it, the higher critical faculties have kicked in, making me more cynical about the merits of this series. Could it be that it's easier to get a laugh when you have a machine-gun flow of words punctuated quickly buried funny-words and absurd, left-field metaphors that one just chuckle at because they've little time to process?

And Gamma... I'm just glad I wasn't with you when you realised that 'The Never-Ending Story' had a finite, 94 min run time.

Gamma Goblin said...

I don't think that's very fair. I'm going to have to challenge you over that one.

"The Never Ending Story" was indeed never ending, it related not to the film but the book contained within the film. Simple.

When ones niche of internet stardom relies on catchy but flawed title, expect the trolls, or in this case "Goblins", to come out and complain. "Zero" is a mathematical term, and it deserves clinical execution.

It's as bad as someone setting up a blog and naming it after a theory on traversing hyperdimensions... What fool would do that! Emmm... nevermind :)

Eoghan said...

Plus,lets be honest here, those movies were so shit you felt like they went on forever.